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Broker EXANTE Guide 2022

Exante is a stock broker founded in 2011. They offer a wide range of financial trading assets of any competitor globally. This broker is regulated by MFSA and MiFID. Broker EXANTE Guide 2022 Exante provides air levels for legal guards under MiFID.

 Trust and Governance

  • Exante is a well-regulated broker that has provided services for over a decade. Broker EXANTE Guide 2022 Transparent services have helped them gain a large number of investors worldwide.
  • EXT LTD is registered as a limited liability company under the laws of Cyprus with registration number HE 293592.
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  • EXT LTD is authorized by CySEC to provide investment services. License number: 165/12.
  • Nearest representative office: EXANTE.1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT, +44 20 3670 9945
  • Headquarters are located at Portomaso Business Tower, Level 7, PTM01, ST. Julian, and Malta.

Trading assets

Exante Trading Brokerage really shines with tradable instruments and trading assets. They offer more than 300,000 different categories of financial products and offer the ability to trade a single multi-currency account. The following classes of assets are available to traders:

Stocks and ETFs

They offer over 10,000 stocks from around the world, including the American Stock Exchange, ASX, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and many more major companies.


Exante provides more transparent and intuitive conditions for traders of over 50 currency pairs, including all major currency pairs, exotic currency pairs and cross currency pairs.


Metal is an expensive commodity. Traders can sell ten metals including platinum, silver, gold, copper, and palladium. The broker EXANTE doubles its business and offers real-time prices for its listed metals.


Exante provides access to the global futures market. Traders are eligible to trade more than 500 futures varieties on more than 300 global futures markets, including ASX, CBEX, Eurex, HKEX, Futures Exchange, Singapore Exchange, and more.


They offer trading options from Chicago to Osaka markets. There are over 270,000 options on multiple underlying assets, including Borsa ItalianSpa, EUREX (DTB, SOFFEX), Osaka Securities Exchange, and more.


Are you looking for hedge funds? Hundreds of funds are available to traders. The exante opinie provides one-click capital investment and real-time monitoring.


EXANTE offers a broad selection of bonds, including government bonds, over-the-counter bonds, liquid corporate bonds and exchange-traded bonds. They offer a free bond screener to choose the best.

Liquidity, Spreads, Commissions and Fees

Brokers charge transaction fees through commissions and spreads. In general, commissions and spreads are competitive with business guides, and Exante’s full fees are pretty straightforward. Depending on the exchanged resources, spreads and commissions will vary. See below for starting points for Exante commissions, fees and spreads.


  • Forex Trading 0.005%
  • Global Market Futures Options 1.7 EUR
  • Stock commissions up to $0.02 per share
  • Options trades are charged $1.50 per trade


  • EUR/USD starts at 0.1 pips
  • GBP/USD starts at 0.1 pips
  • USD/JPY starts at 0.1 pips

Trading platform

Exante offers their trading platform. They do not offer any third party or popular trading platforms like MT4 or MT5. Amazingly, anyone can see their platform features without opening an account. The platform offers fast and convenient transactions. It displays time and sales, in-depth market analysis, order panel, current orders, open positions, quote monitoring, charts, and more.

The features of the web platform are:

  • No registration or subscription check required
  • Quick Open – takes about 7 seconds to load
  • Demo Trading Options
  • EXANTE trading platform terminal

EXANTE calls it a next-generation investment platform. It provides a unique user experience and ultimate performance. You will get the following benefits:

  • 300,000 tools and categories under Quote Monitor.
  • One-click trading module for over 50 markets.
  • Use the Option Board to Evaluate Options
  • Basket traders use complex strategies made simple
  • Multi-account transactions and detailed account information.
  • Historical and real-time data in different time frames.
  • Price alerts for different market conditions.
  • Details Instrument information on margin requirements, trading schedules, rates and fees, underlying assets, short limits, etc.

Minimum deposit to start trading By EXANTE

Exante offers two types of accounts, personal and corporate. The minimum deposit is EUR 10,000 for personal accounts and EUR 50,000 for corporate accounts. This amount is related to the British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Czech Koruna, Ruble and Polish Zloty currency. The minimum starting amount is indeed higher than other brokerages. The bad thing is that it is really hard for beginners and novice traders.

Deposits and Withdrawals For EXANTE

Exante doesn’t accept many payment methods. After opening an account, the broker sends an email with detailed funding information. From our research, we see that traders are able to use Credit Cards, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Revolut, and Transfer wise.

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