Thursday, March 4, 2021

Braces for Kids: Bane or Boon?

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Children’s dental health relies much on their parents’ dental education. Parents are the kids’ first teachers, especially with regard to their children’s’ good dental habits. Parents must forget the old wives’ tale that kids’ teeth do not need much care because they will lose their baby teeth anyway.  Ask any dentist, and they will object to this information. How you care for your baby’s teeth has an impact on the growth of their permanent teeth. Braces for Kids

Pregnant women must also take care of their dental health during pregnancy, take calcium and vitamin D supplements to support their and their baby’s bone health. Parents must teach their kids proper dental hygiene. Your kids will be grateful for your diligence when they grow old and will benefit from strong flawless pearly whites.

Preventing Dental Diseases

Cavities or tooth decay are the most common dental disease of children. This should not be ignored because children’s oral health directly affects their overall well-being, even affecting their education when they miss school because of tooth infections. However, cavities or tooth decays are preventable. It starts with good dental habits, and it must be taught early on so your kids will get used to it. 


You may need to teach them by doing the actual brushing for them at the start. First, find the right size of toothbrush for your kids’ age. Then, teach them everything from the amount of toothpaste to use to the right brushing motion. They have to be taught the right way from the start and not be left alone to learn on their own. Do this until they are old enough to do it on their own.

When Does a Child Need to Wear Braces?

If you have regular well-child check-ups, and your pediatrician notice signs of crooked teeth, or that your kids’ mouth cannot contain all the adult teeth, resulting in overlapping and overcrowded teeth, or overbite or underbite (misaligned upper and lower jaw), she may refer or suggest that you see an orthodontist to check if they need braces for kids

Do not delay consultation because the sooner your child’s dental problem is corrected, the better your child will feel. The poor dental state of your child affects his eating, sleeping, speech and self-confidence. They cannot chew their food well, cause them to snore, and become conscious about their teeth that they will not open their mouth to speak audibly only because they try to hide their teeth. 

Orthodontists say that kids should see an orthodontist as soon as their permanent teeth are in place, which is about the age of 7. By this time, your child has developed his jaw and will show signs of irregularities. However, a child with a more serious dental condition may need an earlier brace treatment to set a good environment for the growth of his permanent teeth. The orthodontist will be able to tell when the child can start braces for kids. The treatment duration will depend on your child’s growth, discipline in following doctors’ orders regarding the care of the braces, what foods to avoid, etc. 

Spending for your child’s dental needs can result in a huge effect on his health and confidence. Whether we admit or not, appearance plays a major part in a person’s self-esteem. Don’t take the smile off of your child’s face. Your child’s dental health is worth every cent. 

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