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Bored With Regular New Year Goodies? Buy Edibles In Canada For Your Parties.

The new year is around the corner, and what will be a better reason than this to party?Bored With Regular New Year Goodies There are plenty of ways to have fun in the new year, and you have tried most of them since childhood. Legalizing weed has opened a whole new way to have some fun. If you are bored with the regular new year goodies, why not try cannabis edibles for your parties from Just Cannabis Weed Store? You will find various edibles in the weed stores to make your new year celebration way more enjoyable. Options include weed cookies, gummies, dissolvable strips, cotton candies, and other baked goods. These edibles are generally made with marijuana oils or dried weed flowers, and users who don’t like to smoke prefer these. Bored With Regular New Year Goodies

Canada legalized the recreational use of weed in August 2018;Bored With Regular New Year Goodies since then, the legal cannabis market has grown significantly here. You can find shops selling different weed products quickly in most provinces. However, the marijuana law is not the same everywhere in the country, and some provinces have passed additional laws to relax or tighten the existing federal laws. For instance, Alberta is the most liberal province. Here the legal age for accessing recreational marijuana is 18 years compared to the national legal age of 19 years. In most provinces, the government-owned Canada Post service approves online weed delivery. Bored With Regular New Year Goodies

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Benefits Of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles have many medicinal and recreational benefits. Compared to smoking, weed edibles take some time to show their effects. While weed flowers act almost instantaneously, their effects also wear off more quickly. However, the edibles take a minimum of half an hour to show their impact.  Edibles are the best way to feel high and uplift the mood for party lovers. Due to the presence of CBD and THC, these edibles provide a range of benefits to users. In high dosage, edibles can even cause hallucinations, a more enjoyable party theme these days.

Similarly, people with medical history also use cannabis edibles for many purposes. The medicinal benefits of cannabis edibles include relief from chronic pain, muscle relaxation, anti-seizure effects, appetite booster, and improved sleep quality. The discreteness and ease of use make edibles a great product to use in public places.

How To Get Edibles For Partying In Canada?

After the legalization, getting weed edibles in Canada is easier than ever. After the legalization, getting weed edibles in Canada is easier than ever. You can find government-run and private-run legal dispensaries in every province selling cannabis edibles. Some provinces have crown corporations like Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). Apart from them, you can order edibles from websites. Most of these websites deliver pot to your home. You can also place your order online in the local dispensary and pick it up from the store. However, you need to present a valid ID while receiving the order, irrespective of the mode you use.

Other than in Alberta, you must be at least 19 years of age to get Cannabis edibles, except in Quebec, where you must be 21 years old.

marijuana in public places

Marijuana Laws In Different Provinces

As already mentioned, each province has different laws for selling and purchasing cannabis. Additionally, in most provinces, you can’t use weed publicly. So, it’s better to check the local laws before using marijuana in public places anywhere in Canada. Here is how you can buy weed edibles in some provinces.

●  Quebec:

Quebec is among one of the not-so-liberal provinces regarding weed usage. Currently, there are 40+ state-authorized cannabis stores. These stores sell everything related to weed, from pre-rolls to cannabis oils, capsules, and gummies. These government-run dispensaries supply through Canada Post, and the price starts from $5.25 per gram, including all taxes. The Quebec authorities also don’t allow cannabis plants at home.

●  Alberta:

If you live in Alberta province, weed is something that you never fall short of. One of the most liberal provinces regarding weed usage, Alberta has more than 400 legal cannabis stores. Alternatively, the state also has 40 federal cannabis license holders, the highest in any province of Canada.

●  Nova Scotia:

In Nova Scotia, weed products are only available via Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores and their websites. However, for accessing the retail website, you will need a unique access code that you can obtain only from the store after the proper age verification.

●  Ontario:

In Ontario, weed products are available primarily through the government’s e-commerce website, the Ontario Cannabis Store. You can also find retail stores selling weed edibles and other products.

●  British Columbia:

In British Columbia, one can access legal cannabis from privately owned dispensaries and government-owned BC cannabis stores. Individuals in British Columbia can store up to 1000 grams of dried weed in their homes, the highest in Canada.

Things To Keep In Mind While Partying

If you plan to organize a new year party with weed edibles, these tips can come in handy with that.

  • Get a variety of edibles:

Friends can be picky sometimes, so it’s better to have more than one type and strain of edibles at home to accommodate their demands. You can also ask friends to come with their supplies if they want.

  • Choose with some caution:

Not all friends take what you offer them. Some may become bored too early, or some may be feeling high with just a mouthful. So, invite friends who can last longer with you at the party.

  • Have some additional snacks:

Edibles are well known for giving users munchies, i.e., you will want to eat everything you can get once the edibles start taking effect. So, it’s better to store up food items, soda bottles, and water.

  • Keep a place for after-party:

Partying and all is good, but once the guys get high, all they will need is a place and blanket to curl up.


Edibles can make your party more electrifying and exciting—all you need to do is take care of local laws and some safety issues. Before consuming these edibles, one must know about weed health benefits. While the overdose of weed edibles is not life-threatening, users may need to shift to the hospital in severe cases. Additionally, never invite any underage friends to these parties because the Canadian federal laws refrain from sharing weed with another underage individual. It may lead to penalties and jail terms depending upon the province where you live.

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