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Body pillows may not be as popular as a regular bed pillow, yet they have their uses which make them stand out. Body pillows are long, slim pillows. Many people use them for support and comfort while sleeping. Body pillows come in different shapes and styles, each of which has unique benefits. You wrap some around the body, you rest some on your side, and you can prop up a leg with it.

They also come in different fills. The fills affect a pillow’s support, cushioning, and breathability. The struggle then is how to select the best body pillow. Below are few things to take note when choosing a body pillow:

Criteria to consider when buying a body pillow

In getting the best body pillow, you must remember that not all body pillows are for everyone. The body pillow each person gets depends on his needs. The reason you need to pay close attention to some details and criteria before purchasing one:

Size: Your size determines which body pillow is best for you. Most pillows are between 48 and 54 inches in length. If you aren’t tall or don’t need cushioning between your ankles, you can get a smaller body pillow. If you are tall or require more cushioning, then a long body pillow is ideal.

Also, note that body pillows vary in width. If you want to comfortably wrap your arms and legs around your body pillow comfortably, then go for a narrower one. If you’re going to keep your limbs more uniformly raised, then a wider one is best for you.

Shape: Body pillows have three forms: u, c, and rectangle. U-shaped and C-shaped types will cradle your body more, while a rectangular shape will provide one-sided support and cushioning.

Fill: Like earlier mentioned, the fill of your body pillow determines its support and breathability. The different fillings available are down, polyester, foam, and latex.

Weight: You may go for heavyweight or lightweight, depending on what you want. Lightweight enables you to move easily while heavyweight stays firmly secured to the bed.

Firmness: How firm a body pillow determines its cushion and support.

Pressure Relief: A body pillow can help to relieve pain and pressure. So, it is best to go for one that will do that effectively.

Price and quality: Body pillows with low prices may not be of quality as you expect. However, there are affordable ones of good quality.

If you already have a body pillow or are thinking of getting one, you may be wondering how to clean it when it eventually gets dirty. Here are few tips below to help:

Cleaning your body pillow

Knowing how to wash a body pillow is simple. You can either hand wash or machine wash.

Hand washing

Fill a large bucket with soapy water. Use cold water as hot water will damage the pillow.

Soak your pillow into the water. Gently squeeze and wash it till it is clean.

Rinse thoroughly with clean, cold water.

Air-dry it. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before you remove it outside.

The same procedure goes for machine washing. You will have a clean body pillow.


The best body pillow has the criteria listed above. You don’t have to develop a head ache before knowing how to wash a body pillow. The tips above will come in handy.

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