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Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews (2021) – Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier AC – Best Portable AC?

The summers are just around the corner and are going to be stifling this year and the intensity of the scorching heat is going to make skin irritable and more sensitive. The summers this year will be causing many skin related problems like burns, allergies, actinic keratosis etc. These problems are due to long sun exposure and the addition of intense heat and long summers.

Not only does this bring intensified heat but also bring dryness and loss of moisture which makes healing of the skin even more difficult and worsens the situation to the extent where medical attention is required. People staying at home like older people and kids are more vulnerable to these problems and face problems like heat blisters that is a very irritating problem in these age groups.

People working from either home or those who go to offices are many of the affected demographic too. There are many people who are on the road for most of their time like Truckers or shipment drivers who are also one of the few who are facing this problem.

Now, to prevent these sorts of situations a must have companion is important that can help rectify the problem of heat, dryness and irritation. Well, to help people with these intensified situations of summer there is a device that can help with this prolonged problem of heat in day-to-day life. Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner, an equipment made for helping people, facing overwhelming results of summer and accompanying problems of it to the body.

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What is Blast Auxiliary?

Blast Auxiliary is an Air Conditioner that is very unique in its own regime. It is a companion for all summer long, that can help with the problem of calefaction of environment in current plight. It is a very useful Air Conditioner that is very small but packs so many features. It seems unreal but is a reality. It is a Portable Air Conditioner that is compact and has a very small size and is shaped like a desktop which is why it is called blast auxiliary desktop Air Conditioner. It has a plastic outer skeleton and has 3 components inside for multi-purpose features and multi-purpose usage. It also has a carrying handle above it, with which; the user can easily carry the almost weightless compact Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner.

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The air conditioner works as an Air Conditioner itself, A regular fan as well as a misting pump so it has 3-in-1 feature which is just mind blowing and unique. It starts cooling a heating room within a minute in almost 30 seconds and lowers down the temperature of the room gradually making the indoors more relaxing and comfortable and the user can change the adjustability of the coolness as per its preference. The user can also change modes from; Air Conditioner to regular fan to Misting Pump. It provides flexibility to the user within such compactness of the device, which is just remarkable. Plus, it is cordless and is also rechargeable so don’t worry about running out of juice on Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner and humidifier. The humidifier helps moisten dryness on skin as well as nasal and mouth passageways.

How is it different than other Cooling Devices in the market?

Blast Auxiliary is a multi-purpose device that has many features and different types of usages which other cooling devices don’t give. Many cooling devices in the market provide single features like conditioning the air or cooling it. These devices don’t usually include the feature of a misting pump or a regular fan which is what makes Blast Auxiliary so different than many other cooling devices in the market. There are many expensive Air Conditioners available in the market but these Air Conditioners are very heavy, large and have high maintenance time and cost which can just sulk up all the time and money and can’t give the comfort the user deserves and the effectiveness of the device is reduced.

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Plus, these Air Conditioners come with 2 units and the outer unit that expels out heat can increase the intensity of heat all around the house which will make sitting outdoor very exasperating and summer will feel more infuriating than light and fun. There are some portable devices too that provide Air-conditioning but these devices are pricey for the size they have and functionality they provide. Plus, there isn’t a good device life for these portable Air Conditioners. Most of the portable Air Conditioners aren’t as easy and convenient as Blast Auxiliary and don’t give better battery time. Whereas Blast Auxiliary has many components inside it. It has a power of 3 fans. It has a better battery life. It cools the room in under 30 seconds and humidifies the indoors with its misting pump. It has a strong structure and has more device life than other devices of the same sort.

Components of Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner

  • It has a plastic outer covering which is quite tough and can survive quite some bumps from a certain height.
  • It has a leather strap on the top of the Air Conditioner which is attached by two holders on the device.
  • It has a ice tray that has to be used for containing ice that will be used to cool the air.
  • It has water curtains that are used for expelling out heat from the air that will be spread out.
  • It has a misting device that humidifies the indoors and reduces dryness.
  • One of the components is a 300 ml water tank for water that will cool the air.
  • It comes with Type -C charging cable.
  • It charges through either USB-port or by standard outlet.
  • It has a built-in lighting for setting the environment and mood.
  • Blades to allow streamline flow and fast convention of air through the room.

What is the Usage of Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner?

There are easy steps and instructions to use Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner. It is very easy and each step can be followed easily without any hassle or struggle.

  1. Charge the device through standard outlet by given Type-C charging cable.
  2. To charge Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner, with either use a USB Port or standard outlet for power source.
  3. When the battery is charged unplug the charging cable from Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air conditioner and set it where it is needed.
  4. Fill the ice tray with ice if more cool air is needed. Ice should be feezed and should be very solid and shouldn’t be all watery as it can cause electrical hazard to the user as ice tray is under the device and can cause electrical damage to user.

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  1. Soak the water curtains in water so that Blast Auxiliary can evaporate heat out of the rooms through it, or fill the 300 ml water tank with 270 ml water.
  2. If the room is moistened enough there is no use of it, but in summers its usually that hot and dry, misting device is important so adjust the misting device in the last slot of the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner.
  3. Set the light to freshen or calm the environment of the room or to set the mood of the room to relaxing.
  4. To use it as a regular fan just don’t add ice tray and humidifier
  5. The user has all the options to set the Blast Auxiliary according to needs and preferences.

When and where can Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner can be used?

  • It is good for people working at home just keep it in front, right beside the Laptop/ PC on the desk and freshen up while working so that there’s no irritation during work
  • While sleeping at night or during the day.
  • At office while there is a meeting or the user is just sitting idly and working on reports or working on a Personal Computer.
  • Can be used in children’s room.
  • Can be used in cars, trucks, pickup vans etc. just plug it in USB port and the user is good to go.
  • Can be used on workstation like Car Garage, woodworking station etc.
  • Mostly it is by individuals on desk work.

Benefits of Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner

  • It has a very compact design.
  • It is portable and easy to carry anywhere it is needed. It is very flexible and versatile
  • It has the power equivalent to 3 fans.
  • It has 3 modes which are regular for normal usage, water curtains for evaporating heat, ice tray for making it work like air conditioner and humidifier to reduce dryness, by moistening the air.
  • It helps moisten nasal passageway and oral cavity as drying of these two areas can cause wounds and works as an incentive, allowing bacteria to get inside the body.
  • It helps in decreasing skin irritation.
  • It helps in keeping the room cool
  • Cools the room in 30 seconds, faster than many air conditioners.
  • It has easy power source and very flexible in this regard like, while working on a laptop or a pc if there is no power outlet just connect the USB side in USB port and enjoy working on Laptop without a power source.
  • Similarly, it can be used in cars by simply plugging it in the USB port of the car.
  • It has lighting that can set the mood to calm and relaxing
  • It has no noise, which normal humidifiers have.
  • It doesn’t take up much space and allows more stuff to be on the desk
  • Good equipment for minimalist people who prefer to have less and want more with affordable price range.
  • Easy Adjustability

Blast Auxiliary Price

The price of the Blast Auxiliary is very affordable and comes in various packages. The device is only accessible through the website and no where else. The payment method used is very diverse and very easy. The payment is made online through; PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Norton, VeriSign, etc. 50 % discount code has already been applied as soon as the checkout section of the website is accessed.

There are 4 packages available which are

  • Personal Cool Pack: 1 Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner for $89.99 and $8.95 shipping. Total $ 98.94
  • Too Cool Pack: 2 Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioners for $179.98 and $9.95 shipping. Total $ 189.93
  • Three’s Company Pack: 3 Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioners for $202.48 and $10.95 shipping. Total $ 213.43
  • Mega Cool Pack: 4 Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioners for $247.47 and $11.95 shipping, Total $ 259.42.

To buy the product fill in the relevant information on the website and fill in credit card details for ordering Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner and select mode of payment and proceed to checkout make sure to check for every detail to be correct or else the order might get shuffled up or the order may not complete and transaction would be made.

Refund Policy

It has a 30 days money back guarantee. Just in case the user feels that the equipment is non-satisfactory or is not up to the mark of users’ expectations the device will be returned with 100% money back without any questions asked. Just request for money back guarantee and the user will be guided through a process.

Thoughts on Blast Auxiliary

Blast Auxiliary looks like a very effective and potent device that has the potential to help many people in these summer days which is what’s needed in the summer days. Plus, it’s not summers yet but it still feels like it, so the stock is available and many individuals can load up on these and it will reduce bills on electricity and help save money on electricity. It is eco-friendly as it uses ice and basically water only for cooling. The price range is very affordable and can be used by people with low income too. Plus, the portability is remarkable and its compactness is just amazing. Not Buying it would be a mistake.

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