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Biggest Gaming Trends of 2022

Biggest Gaming Trends of 2022

Okay, you may be asking yourself, what’s with all the hubbub about games? Well, Biggest Gaming Trends gaming is a big business. Just like any other industry, there are always changes going on: some good, some bad.

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With the ever-changing technology, gaming has reached a new level and it is expected to flourish even further in 2022. Gamers can now connect with each other and chat from afar through virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glass. Biggest Gaming Trends 

But what else can we expect from the gaming industry this year? Biggest Gaming Trends Whether you want to try this online casino or start a career as a professional gamer, here’s everything you need to know!

Cross-platform play is even more common

This trend is only continuing to grow.

Recently, the number of games offering cross-platform play such as PC, mobile, Mac, and games consoles—has increased significantly.

Game companies are including more platforms in their cross-platform play efforts than ever before. For example,

  • PUBG allows you to play on PS4 and Xbox One in cross-play mode.
  • Fortnite lets you play with your friends regardless of whether they use a PC or a console (Xbox or PlayStation). You can also connect your Epic Games account so you can access the same inventory of skins from your mobile device as from your computer or game console.
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare features cross-platform multiplayer combat between players across every platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC via BattleNet (Blizzard’s interactive gaming platform), and even Apple’s macOS.

This is good news for gamers who have friends that play on different consoles – you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games in multiplayer mode regardless of what console you’re using!

Console games are harder to port to PC

Being able to play on a keyboard and mouse means reworking the UI so it’s understandable on a PC. Even if the studio has used Unreal Engine before—which most triple-A studios do—it still takes time to get everything running correctly on PCs.

What about those powerful graphics cards in PCs? Shouldn’t they make it easier for developers to port console games over?

Not really.

It would be easier if consoles had graphics cards with similar specs as PCs (and PlayStation 5 comes close), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other hurdles like version control, hardware setup costs, and certification issues like making sure your game works with various AMD processors.

The VR headset market is still growing

The VR headset market is growing, and more and more interesting games are being designed with it in mind.

The Oculus Quest 2 has helped drive consumer interest in VR to new heights. Although VR is still in its early stage, meaningful progress is being made already.

So don’t think that just because you only see people playing video games on their televisions, you need to get a TV to stay competitive as a gamer—some of the most innovative gaming experiences out there are found on VR headsets.

Competitive gaming has become a billion-dollar industry

In the past decade, the world has seen an explosion in the popularity of eSports.

Millions of people watch professional players battle it out on stage to earn cash prizes, while countless more streamers compete online for fun and entertainment. It is not uncommon for highly skilled gamers to earn as much as $750,000 a year just from tournament prizes and sponsorships.

Most people don’t realize that eSports is becoming a genuine career option for gamers. With expertise in video games comes independence, prestige, and serious earning potential—a life many young people aspire to live.

Smartphones continue to disrupt the gaming industry

Smartphones continue to disrupt the gaming industry. As a result, mobile gaming is growing faster than any other platform.

Mobile gamers are so numerous that it has become important for game designers to consider how their content will translate across multiple devices and what type of mobile-specific gameplay elements they can use to stand out against their competitors.

That said, not all gamers are exclusively mobile players—in fact, only half of the smartphone gamers play games exclusively on mobile devices. These players are often looking for experiences that complement or enhance their console or PC gameplay rather than replace it entirely.

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