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Best time to travel to Hawaii

Traveling is always considered a source of pleasure and relaxation, but only if you plan it properly. So, what are the best time to travel to Hawaii? If you choose the wrong place at the wrong time, it will bring an unpleasant experience. So, before starting any trip or tour, the first thing you have to do is select the right time for the right place to visit.

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Hawaii is a beautiful state of America located in the Pacific Ocean. It offers a lot of beautiful places to visit; each spot has its own specific attraction. Almost throughout the year, tourists keep traveling to Hawaii. Tourism is also a great source of earning in Hawaii. The best time to travel to Hawaii depends on weather conditions, your priorities, and your budget.

Here we are discussing some aspects that will help you decide the what time should you travel to Hawaii.


Before starting any traveling, the most important thing you have to check is the weather of the place you are going, because the too snowy, rainy, sunny, and stormy day may spoil your tour. Technology has made it easy for us to find out the weather forecast for any place. You can also get yearly weather situations of a country or a city.

Hawaii’s weather is considered the most pleasant weather in the world due to fewer fluctuations in weather. For example, Honolulu’s average weather fluctuation is 72 degrees in February and 78 degrees in August. The most annoying thing that will spoil your trip is rain. During summer, rain is the last thing to b considered to worry while traveling. In winters, you have to be very careful while choosing a place to travel in Hawaii because, in some points of Hawaii, heavy rainfall occurs.

Perfect months to travel to Hawaii are May, June, July, and December. In these months, weather conditions remain moderate and pleasant throughout the state. September, August, October, and July are also quite pleasant months according to weather bus not perfect for traveling in Hawaii.

 Budget-friendly time to travel to Hawaii:

Traveling may cost you a lot when you start traveling without any planning. Proper planning can save time and money, especially when you have a low budget but wants to plan a tour then choosing the right time to travel at any place where prices are down these days.

April, May, September, October, November, and the first 2 weeks of December are considered the cheapest months to travel to Hawaii. These months are also considered budget-friendly months, which are the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Best time for hiking:

Kauai is a hilly area of Hawaii where you can climb mountains or hiking. The best time for hiking in summer because in summer, day duration increases. So, you can hike more along with the daylight. During the summer, the weather could be too warm, so don’t forget to pack some water bottles and sunscreen.

Best time for swimming:

If you are traveling to Hawaii and you love swimming, then May to September will be the best time to travel to Hawaii for you. Because water is a little warmer during these months, ocean waves are smaller, and the sky remains sunny; all conditions make a perfect combination for swimmers.

 best time to travel to Hawaii

Best time to avoid crowd:

Wants to visit Hawaii but don’t want to face a crowd, then the first week of November will be your ideal week. The other best way to avoid crowds is to choose when no occasion happens in Hawaii because most travelers choose occasions to travel.

Seasonal activities:

If you want to enjoy your trip properly, then choose the date of the special occasion of that place where you are traveling. Hawaii celebrates many festivals and organizes many competitions throughout the year.

Festivals in January:

In January, they celebrate the Chinese New Year festival and also held a north shore surfing competition. If you are traveling to Hawaii in January, you must attend these two events to enjoy your trip.

Festivals in February:

In February, Hawaii celebrates a Maui Whale festival, which has great popularity among travelers. Basically, the purpose of this festival is to spread awareness of the protection of whales entertainingly.

Festivals in March:

In March, Hawaii celebrates its culture through the Honolulu Festival. In this festival, they represent their culture through dance, food, and art. This festival is completely dedicated to their culture. March is also the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Festivals in April:

Merrie Monarch Festival is celebrated during April in Big Island. This festival continues for three days where they organize a great Hula competition.

Festivals in May:

Another most popular festival is celebrated in May is the Lantern Floating Ceremony held at Ala Moana Beach.

Festivals in June:

An annual festival of Pacific Rim Art is celebrated in June. This festival is known as Pan Pacific Festival, which ended with a parade ceremony.

Festivals in July:

The joy of the Sake Festival is celebrated in July, where 300 restaurants serve their Sake. You can enjoy sake festival their so, it is the best time to travel to Hawaii.

Festivals in August:

In August, a five-day-long Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament is held in Kona.

Festivals in September:

In September, they celebrate Aloha Festival; all Islands celebrate their own Aloha week.

Festivals in October:

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is celebrated on three Islands, Oahu, Maui, and Big Island, on different days. They also celebrate the Coconut Festival and Ironman Competition.

Festivals in November:

A surfing competition is held in Hawaii when the waves are biggest known as Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Festivals in December:

In December, they celebrate the Festival of Lights. They decorate their house with lights.

Now you can easily plan your trip according to your favorite festival.


Planning a trip according to the situation makes it reliable and pleasant. Hawaii’s weather conditions fluctuate less, but you should have to make your plan according to weather for your convenience. Choose the best time to travel to Hawaii? Hawaii offers different discounts on different days. Choosing these days will help you to save your money. You can also plan your tour according to the festivals and competitions held in Hawaii. This will make your trip super enjoyable and memorable.

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