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Best places to visit in Spain for holidays – Tourist Guide

In Spain is among Europe’s most famous countries. While its most famous places are common for some reason, they are also full of hidden gems. In Spain, you will encounter a wide variety of cultures – more than you can imagine. Cultural Trip has achieved both best of them. The best places to visit in Spain are also buzzing towns and charming mountain villages.

1.   Tenerife

Tenerife might carry the packages and beaches to consciousness, but now this island of Canary is much more off of the coast of Western Africa. It is the best place to visit in Spain. Its geological or lunar landscapes are world-wide. Mount Teide seems to be the highest mountain in Spain, situated inside the Teide National Park, where you can discover Spain’s rare geological jewels, the unusual craters, or ancient lava streams.

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2.   Alicante

Alicante is a prime coastline spot in Spain, with the sun, seas, and a rising rocky summit. It is the best place to visit in Spain.  However, though numerous international tourists fly to the main airport but instead head to the hotels all along the coast. Alicante, too deserves the exploration. The harbor town is home to Santa Barbara Castle. It is a bustling city beach with the spectacular Mount Benacantil in the background. Walkthrough the city marina at night to visit some tapas bars in the historic city. In short, it is one of the best places to visit in Spain


3.   Barcelona

With the stunning Mediterranean place, iconic archaeology, and cosmopolitan ambiance, Spaniard’s second city seems to be an eternal favorite among its tourists. Go to the Sagrada Familia as well as Güell Park with GaudÃ, and see some of the least-known works of the developer, including such Casa BatllÃ3. Take the ride up to Mount Tibidabo to see the city and the sea. It is the best place to visit in Spain.

4.   Granada

It has a majestic ancient castle, snow-coated peaks or winding, lined alleys. Granada is kind of like a Disney fairytale. The Alhambra is among the most popular and well-known attractions in Spain. In addition, the Moorish castle is situated above the city and features a few of the world’s best-preserved Islamic architecture. Don’t forget the Sacromonte field, a zone of white groves that clung to the mountainside, where flamenco dancing and music prevailed. It is the best place to visit in Spain.


5.   San Sebastian

This beautiful city, mostly on the coast of Basco, is a must food lover; pintxo has been the city’s gastronomic call sign. Moreover, Its bars are laid out from the bars in a Basque tapa that typically features the delicious tapas served on crusty bread. It is the best place to visit in Spain.  The town’s Concha Beach is a lovely cove formed with families, whereas the surf beach of Zurriola in the vicinity. To sum up, it is one of the best places to visit in Spain

6. Seville

Seville is renowned for its prosperous flamenco music, the capital of Andalusia, in southern Spain. Take the opportunity to enjoy this interesting, dramatic yet melancholy way of art at one of the city’s cozy small flamenco bars. Moreover, discover Seville’s history on a journey to Real Alcázar. Discover some well-preserved illustration of the Mudejar architecture, which the Spanish rulers introduced through the years. Then discover the modernist buildings of the region at Metropol Parasol.


7.   Cordoba

In the medieval period, Córdoba was Spain’s leading city, and this was the location of the spectacular Great Córdoba Mosque. Nowadays, the mosque is the temple of the city. However, its Islamic architecture retains much. Cordoba’s Old City is a national monument and houses the Roman Bridge, lovely cobbled streets, and some interesting architectural buildings.


8.   Valencia

Paella’s home is an excellent place to taste the most popular dish in Spain. Go to a cafe on the beach to appreciate the rice meal for lunch and rinse it with a powerful local cava drink, Agua de Valencia. Discover Valencia’s town center and don’t skip Valencia’s amazing, satellite-like City of arts and humanities, a modern complex that houses an aquarium, an IMAX theatre, an opera house as well as a Science Museum throughout the city’s historic river bed.


9.   Madrid

The capital of Spain is a perfect mini-vacation destination. The tri-cities of art galleries in Madrid contains some of the best-known works in Europe. However, the city houses the Royal Residence, Europe’s largest residence, and modern churches, restaurants, and bars can be found all around. Madrid is also one of the best places to visit in Spain. The neighborhood of the La Latina is connected with some of the most popular tapas bars in town and a perfect place to take tapas.

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10.         Galicia

You conceive of Spain; however, the northwestern area of Galicia. It must be like Ireland rather than the traditional Spanish stereotype. The sandy landscapes and sun-soaking beaches are a good thing. The Celtic influence is powerful, and the ecosystems of Galicia are luxurious and lush. Mythologies are rich. The Romans viewed the western rocks of Cape Finisterre as the end of the planet. Visit the City Islands to discover the wilderness of the area.

one of the best places in spain


11.         The Pyrenees

The Spanish Pyrenees are your dream destination if you like climbing, skiing, or picturesque mountain villages. Wooden houses and delicious local cuisine are available, while Spanish ski areas give a better contrast to the busiest and priced resorts throughout the Alps. In short, it is one of the best places to visit in Spain


12.         Ronda

Ronda, throughout the south of Spain, is a stunning mountain community in the vicinity of Malaga. The bridge over the gorge of El Tajo, a drastically steep drop between the old and new cities of Ronda, is by far the most popular bridge of the town. The city is also home to the earliest torrent in Spain, where Ernest Hemingway saw a lot of torrents during his summer vacations.


13.         Ibiza

The White Islands are renowned for their clubs, but they underestimate their natural beauty. Outside of the super clubs, Ibiza houses small coastal towns and peaceful beaches, and it has become a popular place for yoga and rest in recent years. But Ibiza is a perfect summer tourist spot if you’d like to drink and party or relax and revitalize.

Here we mentioned the best places to visit in Spain. Plan a tour with family and friends and make your moments special.

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