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Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Portugal

Visiting Lisbon this summer? You have decided a great place to see as Lisbon is one of the best destinations in Europe. It has some of the best landmarks, historical monuments, Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Portugal beaches, squares, buildings and other things to do. This place is perfect for an ideal honeymoon, family vacation, or even an individual trip. But where to stay when you are visiting this beautiful city? There are some great neighborhoods in the city that offer amazing guest houses and hotels. There is always something special about them, which makes them unique in their own way. Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Portugal

It is imperative to pick one great hotel or guest house for your stay keeping not only your budget in mind but also your interests. Sometimes you can find a great hotel in any place with a great lobby, room, and price, Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Portugal but it is far from any attraction or doesn’t even have a good view from your room. So always try to book a hotel that is near the major sights, neighborhoods, restaurants, and important places such as the airport, bus stop, train station, etc.

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In order to help you find a great place to crash in Lisbon, we have decided to pick out some of the best hotels and guest houses in or near Lisbon city center. These places are near to most of the city’s attractions and are comfortable, easily accessible, and excellent value for your hard-earned money. So read this article and find out where to stay in Lisbon.

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Places to stay in Lisbon

Santiago de Alfama

This hotel is situated in the old city of Lisbon. Although Santiago de Alfama only has 19 rooms available for the stay, they are enough to make this hotel one of the best places to stay in the whole of Portugal. It has got amazing art on the walls as well as an amazing atmosphere in its café’s. If you have a good budget, then make it a priority to stay there.

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz

IF you prefer a luxurious stay in Lisbon, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz should be your top choice. It is known for its exceptional service, swimming pools, amazing rooms, and unique city view from them. Certainly, a great choice to stay if you can afford it. This hotel is also known as the benchmark of hotels in Portugal.


For tourists who want to experience the cultural heritage of Lisbon, Baixa is the perfect place to stay. All the major renowned cafes and restaurants are near this hotel. This hotel was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of the 18th-century. You can enjoy the view of amazing landmarks as well as the waterfront of Lisbon.

Pestana CR7

This hotel is a business venture of the world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the hotel group Pestana, which makes it one of the best reasons to stay in it. It offers the best staff to accommodate and entertain its guests, which includes a resident DJ, club, young vibes, and a view of some of the best sites in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel is an artistic place that is near to the city’s exquisite bars, in the neighborhood of Bairro Alto. This place is perfect for dining in and their food is amazing. You can either dine-in on the ground floor or if you fancy romantic dinner, then roof it is!

Altis Belem Hotel

Altis Belem is a seductive choice for anyone to stay in as it lies on the banks of River Tagus. It offers an amazing interior along with a great spa and restaurant that is decorated with beautiful artifacts. You can also see the great Tower of Belem, which is the center of the main attraction for the city of Lisbon.

Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites

Located in the heart of Lisbon, this hotel was built in the 19th-century. It houses 37 uniquely designed suites that are most suitable for a family stay. Suites are loaded with self-catering even for small toddlers. The kid’s club is open until the late hours and holds some great pajama parties.

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