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Best Neighborhoods of Dallas For Living

Dallas is one of the developed metropolitan cities in North Texas. There are many fun things to do in Dallas. Also, due to rapid growth of the city, there are many job and business opportunities available in Dallas. There are many apartments on rent available in Dallas with all the luxurious amenities in Dallas. If you want to rent an apartment in Dallas then this neighborhood guide will help to decide the best neighborhood of Dallas as per your family size, job and lifestyle. Check Dallas Neighborhood map to check location of all neighborhoods from the city center.

Preston Hollow

If you ever plan to settle in Dallas, you need to consider buying a house in Preston Hollow. It is an upscale locality that has the best private schools for your kids. It is one of the most beautiful and luxurious places in the whole of North Texas. The house prices can range from seven hundred thousand dollars to twenty million dollars. If you are looking for a high-tech place to love, then this is the locality for you.


West of white rock lane is known as Lakewood. It is situated near downtown Dallas and is one of the most iconic neighborhoods of North Texas. The houses there are beautifully built, and it is one of the luxury places where you can live for a long time. Every home has a vast lane filled with Greenery. The average price is about eight hundred thousand dollars if you want to buy a house. You will find old-age bungalow-type homes here with duplex architecture that will blow your mind. The private school of that locality has a perfect 5-star rating and is one of the top schools in the whole of Dallas.  

White Rock

If you, like me, are a person who values a beautiful and peaceful outdoor view, then the houses at White Rock offer it for you. It is present near the lake, so the eye-view is both beautiful and relaxing as well. You can go out jogging, walking or riding your bicycle along the lake. The houses have original architecture and a very intricate design.


Uptown is a locality that is known for its innovation. It is one of the top 8 localities of North Texas. If you are a high-end city person and want to live in an urban locality, close your eyes and move in here because you will love it. The average price per house is four hundred thousand dollars. You can pay it in installments, and the homes are luxurious and have a lot of facilities.

University Park

It is in the Southern Methodist University, and hence the locality got the name, University Park. But don’t get fooled by the name. It’s not just a university town but there is a lot more. The gorgeous homes, the spatial laws, the Greenery all around, the parks and driveways located nearby are just three of the numerous available facilities that you can observe and take advantage of there.

Bishop Arts District

If you love art, then you need to live here. Bishop arts, as the name suggests, is the most artistic neighborhood of Dallas. Every wall in the whole street is full of beautiful artwork. It has so many museums, art houses, and restaurants that are known for their quality and beauty.

Deep Ellum

It is known as the music and Party neighborhood of Dallas. It has restaurants that host live music. You can lose yourself in the symphony and enjoy the whole experience. It was once known to host live music performances of artists like Bessie Smith and many more. If you are looking for an affluent yet homey neighborhood, then this is the place for you.

Lake Highlights

If you are a young couple who are recently married or have children, Lake Highlights is the locality for you. It is a very homely environment where you will live among other family members. Your kids will make friends easily as there are so many kids living there. It has the best schools and software companies and therefore whether you are looking for a job or a school for your child, you will find it here. It has parks, walkways, and many other peaceful places for you to relax or take your child out to play.

So if you are ever planning to move to Dallas, you need to check out these fantastic neighborhoods.

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