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Best Cities in the World to Write

Ever felt like your writing is doomed to a constant cycle of the same tactics, same concepts, same storyline… same everything, and you’re so sick and tired of boring your audience let alone boring yourself! 

You need to travel. Travel writing helps to bring out your creative goddess because it is in you somewhere. 

This is one of the main reasons I use online writing software like LivingWriter. I can take it with me wherever I go, and it’s cloud-based so I can write whenever, even on my phone! 

In this article, we’ve included some of the best places to sightsee and inspire you to write your pieces that will earn you over $100k every month.

Why Every Writer Should Travel

Benjamin Franklin once quoted, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth reading.”

Just take some time to digest this quote… for many months or years, you’ve written something worth reading about but lately feeling stuck in the same routine day-in-day-out. Then do something worth reading, including taking a tour. 

For a writer, developing your worldview is important. 

Consider the world’s most acknowledged writers in history- they often accomplished one or the other. Jack Kerouac hitchhiked across the United States while Oscar Wilde travelled across France and America for years (although he was exiled from his home country, Britain). 

Mark Twain spent years sailing across Mississippi. John Steinbeck toured Cape Horn as a youth before working as a migrant employee in Baja Mexico. Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba, East Africa, Paris and Spain. 

These are just a few mentioned writers who did something worth reading. You don’t have to journey to every city in the world, and this is why we’ve compiled some destinations you shouldn’t miss this year. 

How to Travel on a Budget 

Touring doesn’t have to strain your budget and drain your pocket. Simply follow the guidelines below and you’ll spend less than you think:

  1. Travel in the off-season, if you can: For instance, a ticket to Paris will cost $1,500 in June and only $ 609 in May. Use Kayak to see the most favourable seasons to travel and search for convenient dates. Kayak’s calendar tool also shows in green the best dates to fly, so you can book your flights in advance via the airline’s website to get the best price deals.
  2. Rent an apartment or an Airbnb to make your meals: Eating out is a huge expense especially in Europe. But you can still save immensely and have an amazing tour experience by buying your groceries and preparing meals when you stay at an Airbnb.
  3. Pay for trips using airline points: Airline points that you earn from your credit cards hammer out a too-exotic trip!
  4. Rent out your car or house: Alas! Earn money while on vacation. If you own a home or your lease enables it, you can turn your house into an Airbnb while you’re out. This drastically reduces the cost of lodging. You can also rent out your car via Turo.
  5. Choose less expensive destinations. Europe is known for high-valued destinations, but picking less expensive cities such as Pula or Bordeaux instead of London or Paris will save you loads of cash. Travelling to Africa or South-East Africa is a better idea as the conversion rates will benefit you and the cost of living is slightly lower.

These tips will uplift the huge budget liability associated with international travel. Plus for a writer, even taking a train to a new city or flying to a different continent, even if it’s fairly close to home will make a whole lot of difference. 

Best Cities for Writers to Tour

Ideally, the best places to travel to have a fusion of great culture, history, superb food and drinks and with luck are affordable.

Let’s get started:

  • Los Angeles, California- USA 

 The home of global films- you shouldn’t miss the bundles of experience this city has to offer!

We know that you know of the obvious landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, Star Walk, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre among others, but be sure to hang around cafés such as Silverlake and other iconic L.A. neighbourhood and bistros. 

If you do this long enough, you will catch a glimpse and perhaps exchange pleasantries with some of your favourite and the best movie producers and screenwriters where they hold meetings. Such an invigorating experience could offer you the chance to talk your way into the movie industry. 

  • Pula, Croatia

Pula is a cheaper version of Italy and an awesome tourist destination if you are travelling on a tight budget. The city unveils fantastic street-side cafés soaring above wide plazas where you can uninterruptedly enjoy bijela kava as you look over the ancient Roman ruins. 

Less populated than Italy, you can savour every bit of your tour for only half the price! Feel at ease here, pull up a new writing template and get started!

  • New York City, NY- USA 

“I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps…” this is a phrase from Frank Sinatra’s classic famous song New York, New York. 

Being the heart of the world publishing business, New York should not miss out on your travel bucket list. 

However, this city is not pocket-friendly for the newbie writer travelling on a budget. And like the song, New York never sleeps as it is always too frantic to get any writing done. So, though interesting to site-see and enjoy Broadway shows, NYC is not ideal for writing. 

You can still have a wonderful trip by renting an apartment outside of New York like Jersey City and commute to NYC by train. This will make for an incredible experience!

  • Nairobi, Kenya 

No doubt that your best writing experience will come from this beautiful East African city!- but you’ll have to go there to determine this.

The affordability, the beautiful landscape, the people’s kindness all immersed in a rich literary culture will make for a perfect place to write.

If you want a place to divert your world perspective and contradict your lens view, it doesn’t get any better than this extraordinary city. 

  • Paris, France 

We saved the best for last! Paris has hosted many of the elite writers of the 20th century such as James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin, T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and more…

Hosting more than 10,000 cafés, Paris provides outstanding places to write per resident than any other major city in the world! 

While it’s relatively high-priced making it unrealistic for long-term vacationing, it’s the ultimate perch spot for writers. 

If you want to get the most out of travel writing, try LivingWriter. It’s novel writing software that guarantees that your creativity keeps flowing while in any part of the world.  


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