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Best Application for Video Conference

Over the past few years, Best Application for Video Conference video conferencing has become an integral part of not only everyday work in various fields but also the educational process in middle and high schools. For such communication with colleagues or students to be in no way inferior to ordinary meetings, you need to choose the right equipment and programs, such as https://www.digitalsamba.com/.

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Special applications for video conferencing and webinars allow you to rationally organize your workflow. At the same time, the distance does not cause a loss of quality. Let’s get acquainted with the best video conferencing apps that are very popular.


It is one of the most popular video calling apps. It became in demand among users around the world even before the coronavirus pandemic and the transition of many companies to remote work. Perhaps, in terms of popularity, the application is second only to the legendary Skype.

Even the free version of the program offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Built-in functions for creating presentations.
  • The opportunity to set a looped video in the chat (although some users consider this a disadvantage).
  • Intuitive interface, easy setup and connection.

If we talk about the problems of the application, its lack of privacy is often emphasized. However, this disadvantage is a natural phenomenon for programs of this type.


Statistics show that this particular program has been the best video conference app for many years. Both free and paid options are presented here, but the first is often enough for most users.

The extended version is of interest to entrepreneurs. It allows you to easily organize high-quality video conferences for a large number of participants. A separate advantage is deep integration with Windows OS.

Does a well-known application have disadvantages? Yes. The application does not always work stably; it can indicate users with errors, etc.

Mind Meeting

A practical solution for daily business video conferencing. All users need to do is install the app, enter a name, and connect to the webinar room.

The program offers several modes — chat and full-screen expansion. There are forms for feedback, and storage of video recordings in the cloud for several days is supported.

The application is actively used not only for working video calls but also for consulting and coaching meetings. Thanks to the variety of additional functions, convenient and productive work is ensured.

Google Hangouts

Considering the best software for video conference, one cannot help but think about this application. It is simple, affordable, and free. If you want to call from your phone to your computer or vice versa, the program will definitely come in handy.

The application cannot boast of a large number of additional options. But the presence of the Android OS as a basic element and ease of setup make it in demand even among numerous competitors.

If you are planning to organize a video conference through this application, please remember that a maximum of ten people can participate in it, and the image may be delayed.


One of the most suitable programs for working video conferences and other large-scale online events. Users are offered free and paid versions. In the first case, only three people can participate in a video call. The paid version can be regular (up to 150 people) and extended (up to 3,000 people).

The application provides the possibility of joint work on a specific document. If we talk about the shortcomings, we should note the lack of video recording and the Russian language.


A program with wide functionality, which has practically no analogs today. It supports video conferences for a large number of participants — from 10 to 10,000. Among the main options are video recording, simultaneous translation, and separate group chats.

The main disadvantage of the program is the lack of a free version. Without payment, you can only take advantage of the trial period, the duration of which is 30 days.

The developers offer three tariff plans with different features. Their cost is from 25 to 359 dollars.

Cisco WebEx

Another representative of the “Best Video Conference Solutions” category. To connect to a video conference, the user only needs to install the application. Due to the simplicity of the interface and excellent protection of confidential data, the program is often used by entrepreneurs.

Among the advantages of this solution are the availability of chats, the ability to share the desktop and presentations, collaboration on documents, and high-quality images and recordings.


A convenient option for creating a video conference both on a mobile phone and on a computer. Developers offer wide functionality to regular and mobile clients.

Among the available features are numerous interface settings, a task scheduler, notes, and the possibility to connect from anywhere in the world.

The program provides a free trial period. In the future, the user needs to choose one of three tariff plans. Among their key differences are the number of possible participants and the cost.

Choosing the right video conferencing application is an important part of a successful work or study. The more convenient it is for you to use the program, the easier it will be to organize remote activities and get what you want. Experiment with different options and find a really comfortable solution for yourself!

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