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Berkeley Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Get your compensation after a bicycle accident in Berkeley

You definitely have a bunch of inquiries if you’ve been hurt in a cycling accident and therefore are contemplating contacting legal counsel. Among the first questions, Berkeley Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Get your compensation after a bicycle accident in Berkeley you may have is how to choose which lawyer to hire.

Hiring an attorney may be a daunting task. Prior to their cycling accident, the majority of our consumers had minimal or no direct interaction with attorneys. Furthermore, Berkeley Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Get your compensation after a bicycle accident in Berkeley many individuals assume that most professionals are unreliable or at the very least dislikeable — and that only the rich can afford a professional.

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Berkeley’s Deadly Biking Zones:

While riding is ubiquitous and relatively pleasant in Berkeley, there are many regions that have a high rate of bike incidents. Most organizations believe that the published figure is smaller than the real one since many bikers do not register minor injuries. Bicycle crashes are common in the urban area as well as at important crossings, as follows:

  • Crossing points on Ashby Avenue
  • Round in UC Berkeley, across Centennial Drive.
  • Sacramento Avenue.
  • The crossroads of Shattuck and University avenues.
  • The crossroads of Dwight Way and Milvia Street.
  • College and Alcatraz Avenues
  • Crystal Way and Euclid Avenue

Common causes:

It is critical to know what caused a serious accident caused by another person’s carelessness on a cycle in terms of avoiding one. Approximately half of all bicycle deaths in the United States happen outside of junctions and after sunset. The following are among the most prevalent types of bicycle accidents caused by a vehicle:

  • Bicyclists colliding with gates on crowded streets is a typical form of bicycle mishap. An individual who may be in a stopped vehicle and opens up the door before looking might inflict catastrophic injury to a bicyclist.
  • Drivers that are preoccupied or trail too quickly will not get sufficient time to brake, ending in rear-end incidents. Rear-end crashes are responsible for 40% of all bike accidents.
  • According to California Vehicle Code 21760, a driver must keep a three-foot space from a bicyclist. A motorist is negligent if he or she does not take these precautions.
  • Bicycle crashes at junctions are prevalent since cars are going to turn and head straight. Furthermore, not all places have dedicated bike lanes. Bicyclists must struggle with automobiles changing lanes in the bicycle lane, in addition to vehicles coming from all sides.
  • When exiting an alley, side road, or driveway, driving into the route of a bike might end in a crash. There are situations when the motorist is not paying attention and misses the cyclist.

Bicycle accident injuries:

Cars, lorries, and other automobiles are significantly bigger and stronger than bicycles. This implies that if a bicyclist is struck by a car, their injuries are likely to be severe. These types of injuries might include:

  • Injuries to the spinal cord or nerve impingement.
  • Neck injuries are common.
  • Head injuries and traumas
  • Gashes, scrapes, and abrasions
  • Bone fractures
  • Joint dislocations

Some incidents can be deadly to cyclists, especially if they occur at high speeds or if the cyclist is not wearing helmets.

How a lawyer can help?

A Berkeley bicycle accident lawyer will represent you in the courtroom and guarantee that you must be compensated properly under the legislation. You can figure things out on your own with health coverage, but insurance providers are more inclined to defend business than they really are to defend you. The insurance business will send you compensation that is far less than what you believe you are entitled to.

A bike accident lawyer understands the regulations and will make insurance companies responsible so that they provide a reasonable settlement. They will argue for you throughout the entire procedure. They keep their best intentions and understand how to deal with insurance providers and the court system to get a fair outcome.

Final thoughts:

When you or your beloved one was hurt in a cycling accident, it really is critical that you consult with a bicycle accident lawyer before admitting responsibility. An expert attorney can assist you in ensuring that the rules are enforced and that your privileges are safeguarded. Lawyers can then make the at-fault person accountable for your economic damages.

If you’ve been hurt in a bike accident, find a local Berkeley law company straight away to assure your interests are respected and you obtain the reimbursement you are entitled to.

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