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Benefits of ICD – Real and hidden benefits you should know

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Here are the real benefits of ICD. ICD abbreviation is International-classification-disease.

ICD History

Here are the real benefits of ICD. ICD abbreviation is International-classification-disease. A 72nd World health assembly adopted ICD -11, International-classification-disease version 11 in 2019 May. In 2022 January, it will come into effect.

The edition of International-classification-disease is also known as the international list of causes of death. In 1983 the International Statistical Institute adopted it. It went through a series of revisions since it was published. The prominent to mention International-classification of disease is the 11th one. It moved International-classification-disease to the 21st century in the digital era.


The World Health Organization published the 6th ICD (International-classification-disease version 6) that has its importance since for the first-time morbidity factor was taken into account and considered. Morbidity was not under consideration before the 6th ICD (International-classification-disease version 6),. In 1967 World Health Organization regulation and nomenclature was adopted. World Health Organization member states were recommended and stipulated to use the revised version of International-classification-disease. It reports – records international and national mortality-morbidity statistics.

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In May 1990 International-classification-disease ICD-10 was launched. It has been cited 20,000 plus times in scientific and medical articles. One hundred fifty countries used it to report various data and research. It is also translated into 40 languages for easy understanding and reporting. 

For example: For back pain ICD 10 code is specific. It starts with M54. It covers multiple conditions related to back pain. Each condition is assigned a particular code. If someone wants to research back pain, they can get worldwide back pain data through ICD 10. They can use ICD data for their research.

ICD 11

As time changes and more research has been done in the medical field. ICD 11 was launched due to the need for more detailed clinical changes, modifications and speciality adaptations over time. ICD 11 is unique as it adopts changes, clinical demands, etc.; it is revolutionary. It migrates data from a simple statistical framework to a proper clinical classification that can be used for research and analysis worldwide.


Benefits of Disease Classifications

Classification of disease is the primary foundation. It helps identify and determine the health statistics, trends worldwide, and standards for health conditions and reporting disease. It is the best clinical classification standard. It is used for clinical and research purposes. International classification of disease – ICD is a galaxy of diseases, injuries, disorders, and other related conditions and is listed in a very organized and comprehensive structure.

ICD enables :

  • simple storage and retrieval
  • health information analysis
  • aid in evidence-based decision making
  • health information sharing and comparing between different health institutes
  • performance tracking through comparing health data of the same location over time.

Aid in research and epidemiology such as:

  • Death cause, 
  • Prevalence and incidence, 
  • Antimicrobial resistance codes, 
  • Rare disease recording 
  • Patient safety code- full documentation aligns with patient safety WHO framework.
  • External illness cause
  • Family medicine and primary care concepts


The benefits of ICD international classification of disease is uncountable. One example of back pain ICD 10, was already discussed above. There are a million examples of ICD benefits. Worldwide reporting of data and analysis aid in many divisions resulting in new treatment methods, techniques, medication use, as well as increased patient safety. 

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