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Before It’s News: The World Best News Community

Before it’s news is the first mainstream news site that allows readers to rate and rank stories based on how reliable they are, improving the quality of journalism on the site over time. It’s a great place to keep up with the world’s latest breaking news and information. Still, it’s also an excellent destination for those looking to get involved in journalistic storytelling or become citizen journalists themselves. Learn all about BeforeItsNews here!

About Before It’s News:

It’s an online news community where everyone can share their perspectives on world events. beforeitsnews com is a news website. This online platform allows any News to host and distribute globally. You don’t need a website, blog, or anything else to use Before It’s News; sign up for a free account and submit your story. All of the main search engines will be able to find it. People can submit stories and choose whether or not they want to make them anonymously.

Or not – giving a voice to those who might otherwise not be heard from. It’s a great place for individual voices to be heard, and it has become quite popular within a relatively short amount of time; before it was News, there were only about 500,000 page views per month, but by that number had grown to 2. Million per month! Before It’s News is also very active in social media.

The People Behind Before Its News:

Before the release of the News, a team of highly trained and experience individuals was assembled. Before It’s News’ expertise in cutting-edge online business concepts and highly scalable, high-traffic websites assure that you’ll achieve top results. For this aim, they are always ready to welcome an excellent addition to their staff of editors and writers. Anyone who believes he can meet their qualifications can contact them through their website. They accept resumes from all over the world. Before Its, News is glad to review any resume submitted for consideration for employment opportunities. Before Its News, they do not discriminate against race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability status.

They also consider diversity when hiring for all positions at Before Its News, so applicants from under represented groups are encouraged to apply. B4itsnews strives to make our hiring process accessible and available to people with different abilities. If you require reasonable accommodation during any part of our application process, please let us know as soon as possible. They can be reached by email at: Before its News has design by Before its News itself. But it has been creat using third-party applications like WordPress and Joomla!. The site uses proven-effective techniques in making content easily accessible by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Your content will rank higher on search engine result pages. This helps more people find your content, leading to more on your site!

Can Anyone Post on Before It’s News:

This news source has a unique pattern for sharing News. Anyone who has a good story can share it on this before its news website. No fee will charge to them for posting these stories. Only the people who share promotional stories have to pay a nominal fee. All digital fighters and YouTubers and citizen journalists, and whistleblowers are urged to create an account and share stories that matter. They encourage to openly communicate their views and ideas, as well as to express their beliefs.

And viewpoints on international events and events taking place in their neighborhood. All content creators encourage to use this website to share their stories with the audience of over 4 million visitors who visit this website each month. Given the tightening of censorship across the Internet, from social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The aim is to provide an open platform where anyone can post anything about any topic without worrying about censoring or deleting by corporate entities before its is not affiliated with any political party or organization.

Does Beforeitsnews.Com Publish Fake News:

Ad Fontes Media prices are based on the following: before it news is categorized as biased in the Most Extreme Right category and unreliable and inaccurate in the Unreliable and Accurate category. Before It’s is a news website that accepts pieces from contributors worldwide, including in the United States. Because of its citizen journalism platform, the public may see “the complete truth, unfiltered,” which it describes as “people-driven news.” It has been accused of disseminating conspiracy theories and inaccurate and misleading material. The website, based in San Francisco, California, gets roughly 3 million hits per month. This website has a reliability score of 4.90 and a bias rate of 30.75.

Before It’s and Infowars advocate conspiracy theories related to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the Washington Post label them as “unabashedly crazy” news sites.” This was in response to their support of conspiracy theories related to the flight (also remember as Malaysia Airlines Flight 17). Overall, news before its news received an F rating. Before Its News was founded by, who also created other websites such as Before It’s News UK and Before It’s News Canada. Before Its News allows users to submit content for publication through a form on its website. Users have no obligation to use real names or correct spelling; however, they must provide accurate contact information before Its News can contact them if necessary. BeforeItsNews staff checks submitted content for accuracy before publication.

Is legit?

While BeforeItsNews may consider a legit site by some. One should wary of submitting copyright content to any website or forum. While BeforeItsNews does have a disclaimer, and while they do ask users to post with caution and not steal others’ work, they could also still go ahead and publish your work anyway; especially if you give them no option but to do so—by first posting it on their site.  One should always be aware that anything posted online could appear somewhere else on another site or forum. So before you go posting anything of yours (or anyone else’s).

Online make sure you know who owns that site/forum where you’re posting and their policies! If in doubt. Contact an attorney for further advice before posting anything anywhere. The Before Its name is registered by at least three companies: The Before It’s  Foundation Inc., Before It’s LLC, and Before It’s News Inc., all based in San Diego, California. At least two of these companies appear to associate with Mr. Ticehurst: he was identified as the director of both The Before It’s Foundation Inc. And Before It’s LLC in documents filed with state authorities from through. He was identified as CEO of Before It’s Inc., incorporated in Delaware.

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The Future of before it’s News:

Before it was News, Bill Wasik and Brian Kiraly start as a place where individuals could post links to stories that interest them. And have a community around those links to discuss them. And build upon them. Its growth since then has been incredible; what began as a side project for two people has become one of the most-visited websites in its niche. Now before it’s is a giant site fill with millions of page views per month. And over 10 million unique visitors every year. With such a huge community surrounding it was. You would expect that there is more here than just links and threads, right.

Before its was much bigger than that; besides its section for members to post their links, there are many sub-forums where people can discuss any topic of interest they have with like-minded individuals. Plus, when you register before it was. You’re also given a personal profile page where people who visit your site can get to know a little bit about you. And start discussions if they want. If News’s massive amounts of users and activity aren’t enough for you before. Then don’t worry because more is coming down the road soon!


Before Its News is a global community of people who report on what’s going on in their communities. Anyone is welcome to participate there it can help out. On the other hand, anyone can learn more about their surroundings. Before It’s is the cutting-edge platform for the future of journalism. Using the power of the Internet to spread and engage in  stories. Reputable individuals worldwide give real-time information, commentary, analysis, and opinion.

At its core, before the news is a utility that hosts. And distributes hundreds of important news sources across various platforms. Before It also provides a social network where members can discuss current events with other local community members. So why use Before It’s? The answer is simple: because it works! Before It has grown into one of the largest media networks ever created. With over a million page views per month. And thousands of members around the globe.

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