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Beautiful love messages • Short messages of love for his / her spouse • Emotional declarations of love • Long romantic and funny texts for the loved one

The loved one will always enjoy receiving messages of love. These are a sign that we are thinking about her, especially when she is not with us. However, we can also send love messages when we are close to each other, just to express our feelings.

Love does not mean loving a perfect person, but perfectly loving an imperfect person!

When you love someone, you feel good. When someone loves you, you feel great. When the person you love loves you, you feel great!

If you give me the chance to prove to you that we are soul mates, I will spend every day of my life celebrating with you!

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Love is the feeling that works wonders, that makes new people, creates the highest moral values… really gives meaning to life… I love you !!!

You light my day with the sound of your voice, you brought me so many smiles and love, you are everything to me and I was so blessed when God sent you here for me!

If my love were measured, I tell you now, my dear, that I love you to the farthest star, from the farthest galaxy, from the farthest universe, and back, and so on, an infinite number of times. !

To love means to live through the other, to feel the need to tell him, to ask him for advice, to give him. To love means to complement yourself through the other.

If I were on ice, you would see with your own eyes how I melt when you smile at me, but it’s good that I’m not because otherwise I would have already melted.

I don’t know what would happen to me if you didn’t exist, you always brighten my day and make me feel like I’m really alive. You are my guiding star who guards my nights. I can only love you very much and you are everything to me !!!

I wait for a ray to penetrate my soul, to enlighten me and to say “I love you!” And let that ray be your voice that wakes me up in the morning!

If I think only of you, does that mean I love you? Does dreaming of you every night mean I love you? If I want to be alone with you alone in a forest, does that mean I love you? I think I love you, what do you think?

Everything that is beautiful is loved, everything that is loved is beautiful. You are so beautiful because you are so loved and I promise you that you will always be like that.

Your eyes are made to conquer, your body is made to awaken desires. Your whole being is lovely and I am the luckiest man, because I am loved by you.

I have not been able to write you even a love poem, but that does not mean that there is not enough love in my heart to inspire all the poets in a book. Some know how to write beautifully, some know how to sing beautifully, some are simply beautiful, I’m just a desperate lover of you.

The richest man would cover you with presents, the most handsome man would carry you among the stars, the smartest man… I can’t even figure out what such a man would do for you, and I, I am just the most in love with men and this is my gift.

I love you so much that my heart beats once for you and once for me. I always think about your brilliance, sometimes I think God wanted to show His mastery when He created you. Your soft touches are like touching a drop of dew on the petal of a rose in the flame of love. I love, I love, I love, …… it’s still human!

Love does not need words, it speaks through looks and attitudes. Let’s enjoy love!

I love your big palms, I love your strong arms, I love your big eyes, I love your beautiful lips, I love your unique smile, in fact… I love your whole being.

Honey, I love you above and beyond, I love you in all possible forms, in all senses and under all the stars of the universe.

Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed of the way you would like to be loved? I do this all the time and see myself with you. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than sitting next to you

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