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Be Good To Yourself : Choose Exercise Over ED Pills

It is said Be Good To Yourself : that every human being should exercise a minimum of thirty minutes everyday to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good rate of metabolism. There are numerous benefits of exercising daily that many people might not be aware of.

Your heart might not be functioning at the right pace and before you know it, you might be close to having a cardiovascular disease. Exercising daily also has a close relation to our mental health,Be Good To Yourself : it is proved that due to exercise our serotonin and endorphin levels change in the brain which leads to a better mental health.  There is also a close relation between having erectile dysfunction and further developing other cardiovascular diseases. Erectile dysfunction is defined as a medical condition in men where he is not able to have an erection due to low amount of blood flow in penis,Be Good To Yourself : there can be numerous causes to this condition such as low testosterone, obesity and other heart diseases.

To cure the disease people buy medicines such as Cenforce 200 which is an Erectile dysfunction medicine and has been recommended by medical experts. It has been prescribed by doctors around the world, the medicine works by regulating the enzyme in the penis which is responsible for erection. Consuming the pill increases the blood flow in penis which helps men in having an erection.

However, consuming the pill more than the usual dosage can have unforeseen side effects and being on the pill in the long term is not advisable. ED pills are not the only solution to erectile dysfunction, having a healthy diet, exercising on a daily basis can significantly improve the condition of erectile dysfunction. There are many ED pills that are advertised heavily in the media apart from Cenforce 200 but a conscious human being knows that to cure erectile dysfunction a pill is not enough to eradicate the disease. 

Which Exercises Can Help?

There are many types of exercises that can help improve erectile dysfunction, exercises that  improve the blood circulating system of the body. The most recommended exercise are as follows:

  • Kegel Exercise
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Anaerobic Exercise

The most recommended exercise being the Kegel exercise also known as Pelvic floor exercise  helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which is responsible for the blood flow in the penis. The exercise is done by lying on the floor with your knees bent and squeezing the pelvic muscle along with holding and releasing breaths. Kegel exercise can help in specifically strengthening the Bulbocavernosus muscle which is responsible for the blood flow in the penis, improving erectile dysfunction. These exercises can be done daily at one’s own pace and comfort.

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Aerobic exercises are those exercises which are done with some moderate to vigorous  intensity and doing them increases the heart rate rapidly and improves the blood circulation in the body. Exercise like cycling, jogging can help an individual to tackle obesity, overweight and other major cardiovascular diseases which ultimately helps in improving erectile dysfunction.  Including these exercises in your daily lifestyle can have numerous benefits.  People who are more into fitness can do Anaerobic exercises which are high intensity interval training exercises and help in rapid weight loss and muscle gain, for example weight lifting.  Doing such exercises can reduce the need for a medicine like Cenforce 200.

How Can ED Pills Harm ?

Erectile dysfunction pills like Cenforce 200 and many others are widely available in the market which helps an individual with erectile dysfunction to have an erection and also in maintaining the sexual drive for longer hours but if we talk about the long term side effect of using them then it is clear that long term consumption of the pills can be harmful. Some of the common side effects of consuming erectile dysfunction pills are:

  • Severe to moderate headaches
  • Loss of senses including vision and sound
  • Digestive problems 
  • Muscle ache and body pain

Some other common side effects can be runny nose, long lasting erection, dizziness etc. One should always consult a doctor before consuming any ED pill to know whether you can be allergic to it or not. Before buying Cenforce100, one should properly acknowledge the ingredients and the manufacturer details to ensure the quality of the medication.

Why Choose Exercise Over The Ed Pill ?

In simple words, erectile dysfunction pills like Cenforce 200 are not a one step solution for this medical condition. This medical condition is more common as it seems to be; it is found among thirty  million men in America. People who have a severe erectile dysfunction condition can get surgery done which can improve their condition. There is scientific evidence which suggests that there is a correlation between erectile dysfunction and building up of a relatable cardiovascular disease. Therefore  choosing to do exercise daily and building up a routine and a habit of exercising daily would go a long way in living a healthy life. One would have no need for Cenforce 200 if a healthy lifestyle is maintained and the condition is mild.

Exercising daily can improve the condition of Erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow in the body and strengthening of muscles which leads to a better vascular health. Erectile dysfunction is more common among older men as compared to younger men. There is scientific evidence suggesting that exercising  a minimum of thirty minutes a day can improve the erectile condition significantly. 

Cenforce 200 being a very effective ED pill does seem to work for people suffering from erectile dysfunction but it does not ensure a complete cure for the disease. People who suffer from obesity, overweight and other cardiovascular diseases find it hard to maintain a healthy fit lifestyle.  However, one should keep trying their level best. There might be cases when a person has a severe erectile dysfunction condition and doing regular exercise would bring about little to no change. Such patients should go for surgical treatments and other high dosed medication. 

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