Automating Accounts Receivable With Credit Clear

Accounts Receivable Automation or AR Automation does the role of the repetitive task of collecting payments, sending invoices, Automating Accounts Receivable With Credit and following up on customers automatically. In other words, it does your work involving the billing department.

Automated payment collection is great for businesses with high volumes of customers because it saves time in notifying and following them up individually. Automating Accounts Receivable With Credit

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AR Automation Features With Credit Clear

Accounts receivable software, with its reliable features, lets you efficiently do its billing so you can do your business deals, focus more on marketing, and build client relationships.

AI Engine 

The AI engine does its workflow based on user interaction to curate messages. It also works on the timing to maximize re-payments.

Customizable Workflows

Let you create customizable steps targeted to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Performance Reporting

The dashboard provides live updates on your campaign performance and customer re-payments

White Labeling

Lets you use your logo and branding through their AR software so your customers can engage more with your branding on their user experience.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

You can use NPS to provide feedback on your experience using the software to help it improve.

Payment Channels

These payment channels give you easy access to collect the re-payments and notify their re-payments through WhatsApp, email, and SMS. Your customer can do their re-payment via: 

  • ApplePay
  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • BPAY
  • Scan through provided QR codes

Pay Some

Your customers can pay a part of their re-payment now, and the rest of the amount can be later.

Scheduled Payments

Lets you create a schedule for the customers’ payments, which helps you in payment collection and for the customers to make payments on time.

Payment Plan Engine

Lets customers create their plan of re-payment where they can set the amount and the times of paying this amount in a week or month.

Make An Offer

Customers can make an offer to pay a percentage of their full re-payment amount, which can help them be more likely to pay their re-payments.

Hardship Solutions

Built-in hardship solutions provide socially responsible solutions for your customers who cannot make enough re-payments or pay on time.

Inbuilt Dispute Management

Billing errors or clarifications on the re-payment charges, customers can make a dispute by filling up the inbuilt dispute form in the app.

Benefits of AR Automation

AR automation has many benefits, especially in making your job easier and for your customers to get the billing and payment process conveniently.

Quick And Easy Payments

Through payment channels such as ApplePay, Paypal, bank fund transfers, and scanning QR codes, such access provides quicker transactions. The AR software platform has also made it easy to make re-payments through automated billing sent to the customers’ email, SMS, or Whatsapp on their scheduled payments.

Also, overdue payments are automatically handled and lets you keep track of the customers’ re-payments.

Build Customer Relationship And Satisfaction

The AR software platform lets you promote and engage with your business through what you can provide to the customers, with such features of:

  • Notifying them of their re-payment along with the convenience of the payment channels
  • An AI engine to curate a better and personalized user experience

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can help you know your customer’s feedback and optimize the software for a better re-payment transaction. This will help you increase customer satisfaction through the quality of the service you provide.


Calculations with AR software are more accurate using digital data encoded in the AR software. This can also save you and your customers time because of its real-time reflection of the transactions.


AR software offers a faster, more efficient way of sending invoices and billing transactions. You won’t have to worry about any errors since you can easily retrieve the data needed to make re-payments. Its digital methods surely create amazing business operations experiences while satisfying customers’ needs.

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