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Austin Russell: Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth & Career

College misfit luminar austin russell based and direct self-propelled sensor hard Luminar engineering went public within a merger SPAC in Dec. 2020. The optics presage, Austin Russel, developed this idea in favor of Luminar. While he was just seventeen and also studying physics on Stanford University. On the other hand, he dropped out from college inside 2012. Later obtaining a 100,000 dollars Fellowship. A schedule funded with billionaire Thiel Peter to nourish entrepreneurs. After Luminar’s register upon Nasdaq, Russell grew this world’s youngest independent billionaire at twenty-five. Luminar competes among laser lidar creators like Aeva and Velodyne. Which create high-tech detectors to assist conductor-free vehicles in “noticing” their environment. Everything we need to know about Austin russell height, weight, net worth, and more.

Biography of Austin Russell:

Austin “Chumlee” comes to be a United States actor, actuality TV personality, also businessman. Who comes to well-known known in favor of starting a cast part on this detailed television Channel Pawn show Stars? However, the show portrays the everyday business at this Silver and Gold Pawn Store in Vegas, where Friended works as a laborer. Luminar austin russel appeared surnamed “Chumlee” while he was around twelve years old since from his big chin and face. On the other hand, he comes to a babyhood friend from Harrison Corey, “high Hoss,” whose dad, Rick. And granddad, Richard Harrison, opened this shop within 1989. He often portrays this show while the comic foil. Though he repeatedly appraises points in his regions from expertise, pinball machines, video games, and sneakers.

  • Name: Austin Russell
  • Nickname: Chumlee
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: March 14, 1995
  • Age: 28
  • Birth Place: Orlando
  • Country: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Net Worth: $2.7B
  • Education: Stanford University
  • Organization: Luminar Technologies
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches tall
  • Weight: 133 lbs / 60.33 kg
  • Profession: Entrepreneur

Austin “Chumlee” Chumlee Pawn Star/ Russell On Pawn Stars:

He began working in favor of this Silver and Gold Pawn market at this age from twenty-eight, where he operated for 5 years later, filming this 1st season from the actuality TV series Pawn Stars, within July 2009. While his duties involve checkout work at this shop, similar as testing items, writing tickets, and loading items for points purchased by the purchaser. Austin russell company sells novelty points, involving T-shirts from his possess design and arranges in favor of his private appearances.

Within 2010, he sold half of his stake within the company on Rick Harrison in favor of 155,000 dollars, so such the shop would order handle from his merchandise further competently. His sales from merchandise have exceeded other stars from the show, right to his reputation. He appeared side by side with Corey Harrison and Rick in this episode “My Head iLost within Vegas” upon this American Television series iCarly.

Income, Net Worth, and Salary:

When this company grow the focus from the Channel’s History modern reality Television show “Stars Pawn,” he labored behind this counter, dealing among overseeing and items papers. Austin’s celebrity made him single of this star’s later some appearances upon this show, which started airing within 2009. His task was not decided in favor of this show unless after some execution. After then, he appeared within over two seventy scenes, backing this show’s popularity among his various set of talents and skills.

Because from his celebrity, his well-known sells this further among this various cast members from the Television show. Through the alley since Silver and Gold Pawn Emporium, he started his sweets shop within 2017. On the other hand, he is familiar for start a shoe enthusiast, among a dedicated chamber in favor of his further than two hundred pairs. Austin offers a kind from great-end vehicles, including this Range Rover, Maserati GranTurismo, and Rolls-Royce Phantom. Since all from his work, Austin’s net worth comes to evaluated to be above 5 dollars million.

Austin russell age:

Austin Russell on March 14, 1995, within Nevada, Henderson, US. Luminar austin Russell celebrates his birthday on March 14 every year. Chumlee comes to 28 years old.

Austin Russell’s height and weight:

Austin Russell Luminar stands at the height of five feet nine inches tall and weighs around seventy-five kg or 169 lbs.

Parents, family, & siblings:

He was born within the delightful Nevada metropolitan from Las Vegas. Later his Television show, Puppet Stars, showed up on Television. His dad died at this age from fifty-five. Further than such, little comes to be known around Austin’s family.

Austin Russell arrested:

Austin russell, 2016, his house was attacked among a sexual attack research. During this week, these cops establish crystal crank, marijuana, and also a single firearm. After the search, these police established eleven further legally owned weapons, ranging since handguns on a MP5, shotgun, also .223-rifles caliber. Most from these firearms were set up within a bedroom hurdle secure, along among seventeen multi-dose ‘rods’ of this Xanax anti-anxiety drug, also 7 tablets containing minor amounts from chalk, police told. On the other hand, he has also arrested later police also institute evidence from feasible cocaine utilized on this property.

While he was released upon bond this next day. He emerged in court in favor of the 1st time upon March 11, 2016. He was loaded among twenty felony counts, comprising weapons and drug charges. Chesnoff, his advocate, confirmed such the actuality Television star pled Chumlee culpable to a weapons felony charge, illegal possession from a firearm; also to a nasty misdemeanor from essayed drug possession within a deal such calls in favor of 3 years counseling and probation.

Austin Russell Social Media:

You can visit this official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia also YouTube accounts from Russell. However, in favor of those who perform neither need an account upon a definite platform.

The Career of Austin Russell:

Russell started working in favor of this Gold and Silver Pawn store when he was twenty-one. While luminar austin russell worked there in favor of 5 years later, they filmed this first season from the range ‘Pawn Stars’ within 2009. In this series, he grows the breakout toss member and is also a devotee favorite from this series. Therefore, the show grows a huge achievement, and he created his possess company.

Austin russell later sold his part within the company, Harrison Rick. His sales from merchandise must have surpassed extra stars from this show owing to his huge popularity. While he appeared alongside Corey and Rick Harrison within this show. Chumlee started a sweet store, ‘Chumlee’s Candy upon this Boulevard’ over the street since this Pawn Shop within Las Vegas. In favor of each episode from ‘Pawn Stars’ such airs upon Television, he gains a salary from $25,000.

Austin Russell’s Cars:

Russell has the amazing gathering from cars similar to a Impala SS, Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, and Rolls-Royce.

Highlights of Austin Russell:

Here is some from the well-known highlights from Austin Chumlee’s career:

  • Russel owns above 200 pairs from shoes
  • Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard
  • Pawn Stars

Any philanthropic or charitable work done by Austin Russell:

It is not clear if Austin Russell has any notable philanthropic or charitable work. While he has achieved significant success as a businessman and entrepreneur, there is limited information publicly available about his involvement in philanthropy or charitable causes. However, he may be involved in such efforts, but they may not have been widely reported in the media. Without any specific information, it is hard to confirm or elaborate on any philanthropic or charitable work by Austin Russell.

About Luminar Technologies:

Luminar Technologies is a leading player in the laser lidar industry, a technology that uses laser light to measure distances and create 3D maps of the environment. The company competes with other companies developing and producing laser lidar sensors, such as Aeva and Velodyne. However, Aeva is a Silicon Valley-based company that develops lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles.

At the same time, Velodyne is a leading lidar sensor manufacturer that supplies sensors to companies such as Ford, Baidu, and Uber. Other competitors in the field include companies such as LeddarTech, Innoviz Technologies, and Quanergy Systems. These companies are developing similar technology and are working towards commercializing the technology in autonomous vehicles, drones, and other applications.

Austin Russell: Awards and Honors

Austin Russell has not received any notable awards or honors as of my knowledge cutoff. While he has achieved significant success as a businessman and entrepreneur, specifically as the founder of Luminar Technologies, there is currently no public information available about any awards or honors he may have received. On the other hand, he may have been recognized by industry organizations or publications, but any reliable sources do not confirm it. His company Luminar Technologies has been recognized and won awards for technology innovation and entrepreneurship, but these are not personal awards for Austin Russell.


Who is Austin Russell?

Austin Russell comes to be an United States inventor and entrepreneur and is well-known as the CEO and founder of Technologies, a company that produces and develops lidar sensors in favor of autonomous Motor cars. He also comes to known in favor of creating a young self-reliant millionaire.

How much is Austin Russell worth?

According to several sources, Austin russell’s net worth is evaluated to be about 500 million dollars, creating him single from the youngest self-taught billionaires in this world.

Austin russell company sells novelty points, involving T-shirts from his possess design and also arranges in favor of his private appearances.


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