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Atlanta, A Place Where Dreams Meet Reality

Atlanta, A Place Where Dreams Meet Reality

Tired of your monotonous lifestyle and looking for a getaway trip? If you live in Atlanta, let us say you have a whole list of options to choose from. Entertainment in Atlanta starts with endless places to visit and chains upon chains of restaurants to try. The best part is that this place meets the needs of every individual. If you are an outdoor person, there are variations of hikes for you to try and endless theme parks and eat-outs for those who prefer staying indoors.

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If you want to take a trip into the mountains, start planning it now because, with delayed summer breaks in most schools, there are no better times to do that. Stone Mountain Atlanta, A Place Where is one of the most scenic spots in Atlanta, Georgia, and it also hosts the majestic Stonepark. So what is the hype behind this place?

Attractions at Stonepark 

Stonepark is perhaps the best place if you want to tick several things off of your bucket list!


Had you originally planned to have a full-throttle hiking experience in the mountains, but the weather conditions did not allow that? Well, if what you had in mind did not come true, you might still have the most enjoyable experience right inside the park! And the best part is that it comes with a well-drafted list of guidelines so every person in the family can experience it. You can now choose the type of trail you want to go to with friends and family while overhead safety systems hold you in place. Obstacles on the way like net and wooden bridges further add that oomph of fun to the adventure as it makes the hike all the more challenging. However, you should make sure to select the hike difficulty level based on your physical capacity. Beginners are better suited for 12-foot high treks, while the more experienced can try the 24-foot ones.

Dinosaur Explore

If you are a dinosaur fanatic, you will surely love this one!Atlanta, A Place Where As you may have already guessed, this place gets its inspiration from the movie Jurrasic Park that features some of the most famous dinosaur species. Add this now to your passes since every person deserves a treat now and then. Get a perfect chance to see 20 life-size dinosaur statues on a first-hand basis, and the best part is, these giants depict sounds as well!

Stone Mountain Inns 

If you wish to stay in the park for more than just a day, worry no more because Stonepark promises you the most luxurious night stay you have ever encountered. Not as posh as their Conference Resort but still nothing less of a 5-star hotel, Stone Mountain Inns is famous for its picturesque views. Its massive structure consists of 92 luxurious rooms, one of which might be waiting at your disposal if you head out now and book a room for yourself. This place also features swimming pools and an array of choices of food at Mountainview Restaurant. The best place to enjoy a wholesome time together with family and friends alike.

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Summit Skyride 

Looking for the best view over the mountains on a cable car ride that you are waiting to take for a long time? The Summit Skyride is the best option available in this case and is a high-speed cable car with a capacity of holding 825 guests or more. It goes as high as 825 feet to the top of the mountain and gives fabulous views of the mountains below that keeps you coming back for more! Book your tickets now for a hassle-free visit and get a chance to marvel at the Atlanta skyline and the Appalachian Mountains. The only drawback of the Summit Skyride is that it faces closures at unexpected times because of unpredictable weather conditions.

Other Attractions in Atlanta 

If you have visited the park too many times already, several other Attractions in Atlanta might get your attention.

Shopping in Atlanta

Dekalb Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets, known for being easy on the pocket and most suitable for buying fruit in bulk, has a feel of its own. Dekalb Farmers Market is a place like this, and it overflows with a mix of colors, smells, and sounds that is a comfortable place to many. The total area of the market is 140,000-square-foot and houses the freshest and best quality of produce ever seen.

Antique Row

If you are a tourist looking to purchase souvenirs for loved ones at home, look no further, for you have come to the perfect place. The Antique Row district has a name that speaks for itself. A travel blogger’s paradise! The antique stores and shops give a true sense of Atlanta and its people. Beware, the uniqueness of this place is quite overwhelming!

Northlake Mall Atlanta, A Place Where Dreams Meet Reality

Shopping at malls exists to be one of the most basic ways to spend a day out, but the majority population still enjoys it. Northlake Mall is one of the most well-known shopping malls in DeKalb, near Briarcliff Road. This mall is surprisingly an older structure and has stood for about 40 years. It features several fashion brands like Macy’s and JCPenney and other stores like Champs Sports and Finish Line.

Those who need a short food break during their shopping spree can grab a bite at Food Garden right next door.

Night Life at Atlanta

While visitors get to have the best time in Atlanta during the day, the nights are no less in terms of fun and frolic.

The Variety Playhouse

Have you ever been a fan of both theatre and nightclubs but cannot find a place that offers you both simultaneously? Let me wish you a heartfelt congratulations if you are that person because The Variety Playhouse is a two-in-one. It has a concert hall venue that hosts several scenes in a day. The sound effects are what make the place a step further than others. It is because of this reason only that this place offers live shows and releases of albums.

Eddie’s Attic

It is the perfect place for those who like a more intimate setting to enjoy their music. Eddie’s Attic features live performances, and it exists since 1991. The Attic is near Decatur and holds much significance because of how antique it is. Perhaps the best part about this area is that it gives a safe place for underrated or evolving artists to demonstrate their share of talent. It is ideal for boomers who wish to go back in time and reminisce their favorite music artists.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

It is a majestic structure, known to be a Tudor Revival style home, and is home to all genres of art and events, starting from visual to performing arts. The Fine Arts Center also offers workshops and tutorial classes for students of all ages.

Last Thoughts Atlanta, A Place Where 

Remember, your family and friends will not last forever, so you should make the best out of the moments you have right now and cherish them forever. Stop looking for excuses and book your tickets to Atlanta at the nearest to have the best trip ever! Cheers to making a million memories in Atlanta!

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