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Arizona State -Department of Education – Know the facts

The state of Arizona formed the department for education. It named it the Arizona department of education. The purpose of publishing the department was to provide education to all the children and adults. The aim was to make education available to all, from secondary school to kinder garden.

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Arizona State -Department of Education - Know the facts

Arizona education department came to being in 1970. The main task of the Arizona education department was to make standards, procedures, and policies and its implementation at Arizona school. The purpose public Instruction superintendent runs the department to the execution of the decision. It’s also a part of the education system which is called K-12. It also includes the state education board as well as the public instruction superintendent. Moreover, they both were formed earlier than ADE which is in 1912.

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The state education board, public instruction superintendent, and Arizona Department education work combinedly to operate the education system. Arizona schools receive various resources and support from the Arizona department of educations. These resources include funding, training, and support related to technical aspects.


In 2018 public instruction state superintendent was selected. Her name is Kathy Hoffman. She replaced Diane Douglas. In many Arizona schools, she was working as a speech pathologist before this position. She graduated in 2009 from Oregon university. At university, she studied Japanese and Spanish. Later on, she did a master’s in speech pathology. She started teaching after her graduation in two districts namely Vail and Peoria.  The previous state superintendent does not hold any experience regarding teaching and classroom.

In 2015 January Diane Douglas who was a GOP candidate took an oath in office.  She won a fifty percent vote.  She has a finance background and worked with the unified education board of Peoria for 2 years. She had many arguments and conflicts with the education board of state and also with Doug Ducey who was governor. In 2015 recall effort started but didn’t get much vote and signature to be effective.

Douglas faces much controversy when she tries to terminate two board members who were reinstated by the education board. Later on, she sued the education board. Douglas also claimed that she was assaulted and harassed by board members which caused more controversy. Later on, two lawsuits were filed by the board against her about the access to the board’s website as well as teacher file.


In 2019 four and half billion $ was proposed for the Arizona K12 program from the Arizona budget. As compared to other states Arizona department of education ranks constantly low in teacher salaries and education quality. Arizona Department of education ranked 43rd among other states in 2018 in overall quality education. It came 48th ranked in teacher salaries. State teachers faced reduced salaries as inflation increased. Arizona State also ranks below

Student expenditure of Arizona state ranked below the national average with a mean of $11,787.

The proposition was passed in 2000 after Arizona voters’ approval.  It expired in 2012 but in 2018 Arizona government extend the 301 propositions until 2041. It protects the school fund of Arizona with an estimated annual amount of $667.

Educator Certification

The Arizona Department of education not only sets the eligibility, requirements for the Arizona educator certificate program but also for assistance and resources in obtaining this certificate. The teacher Obtain support and assistance from ADE in certifying and specializing in various fields. It includes CTE, stem, arts, physical education, early, childhood, elementary, secondary, special education, administration, and adult education. However, In the past days, the law was signed regarding hiring a teacher without formal training. this law

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