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Are There any cheap Passover Hotels?

A lot of people want to know if there are any cheap Passover . The hotels that participate in Passover programs do have different price ranges, and some of them are cheaper than others. Are There any cheap Passover Hotels

Why are Passover Hotels so Expensive?

Many people wonder why Passover programs at participating hotels cost so much. There really are reasons why the accommodations are more expensive than the accommodations are at other times. Are There any cheap Passover Hotels

The Time of Year

Passover happens in the spring. The spring of the year is a time when more people are ready to travel. Hotels and resorts have just gone through the winter months when most people do not travel. During the winter months the hotels and resorts lower the prices of their rooms to attract more people, Are There any cheap Passover Hotels but when the spring of the year comes a large number of guests start to request rooms so the supply and demand theory kicks in and the prices of the rooms increase.

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Passover happens at the beginning peak of the travel season. The hotel room prices will be higher during this time of year.

Length of Stay

The typical length of a Passover vacation is 8 days. The Passover programs are designed and priced according to people staying for a period of 8 days. During that time the hotel must provide staff to keep the rooms clean, staff to wait on the guests, food for the guests, amenities like pools and spas that must be cleaned and maintained.

The price of the Passover programs is affected by the length of the stay. Are There any cheap Passover Hotels

The Star Rating

The star rating given to the hotel or resort will affect the price the establishment charges for their rooms. The star rating is a review that is given to hotels so that travelers can automatically see if the establishment provides good quality accommodations to their guest.

Five is the highest number of stars that a hotel can receive. To earn five of these stars the hotel must offer the top accommodations. These hotels are normally considered to be the best of the best and have the most luxurious rooms, the most comfortable beds, they are pristine clean and the service they provide is undoubtedly the best that you can get. If a hotel has five-stars you should expect the services to exceed the normal expectations of a traveler.

Four-stars will be a hotel or resort that is up-scale and is considered to be stylish and refined. These are not the most luxurious, and they are normally priced a little lower than the five-star establishments are. The service at a four-star is still exceptional, the accommodations are nice, and most customers are happy with their stay.

Three-stars is a hotel that is defined as being “very good” and provides spacious public areas, and a greater number of services. This is a middle-class hotel. The cost of the rooms is not the lowest but not the highest. The accommodations are good, and most people would be happy and content staying in these hotels and resorts. Three-star establishments may not offer the same luxuries as the five-stars but people looking for a nice play to stay that is clean and nice will find three-star establishments to be quite acceptable.

Two-star places are basic hotels that provide you with a place to lie down and rest after traveling. They do not normally have pools and spas. They are clean but the beds are not the newest, and the décor will be simple.

A one-star hotel is one that simply has a place to sleep. The creature comforts of wi-fi services, extra towels, coffee pots in the room and hairdryers in each room are not provided by these establishments. They are basic and they may not even offer a dining area.

Cost of Food

Pesach kosher foods are not cheap to prepare. The Passover programs must include Passover kosher foods for their guests to consume. The food must be cooked and prepared in a kitchen that is chametz free and in bowls and pans that have never been used to prepare a dish that contained chametz.

In order to serve fabulous tasting foods that meet all of the dietary requirements and religious requirements the establishment must hire chefs that are innovative and well-versed in the preparation of chametz free items.

The food includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the guests. This increases the cost of staying in a program where your food is part of the package, and since food is a priority, especially during Passover, the Jewish traveler wants to be at a hotel that is ready to meet their needs.


The Seder meal is one of the most important parts of the Passover celebrations. This meal takes hours to prepare, and it takes hours to execute. There are Passover programs that offer group seder meals or private seder meals depending on what the guest prefers.

The hotel must have extra staff on hand to prepare and serve the seder meals. Seder meals are always included in a Passover program.

Clubs and Activities

Most Passover programs offer kids clubs and teen clubs for the children of their guests. These clubs entertain the children and provide them with activities and often with religious and educational lectures and activities along with the fun things.

Some programs offer separate dinners for children so the kids can dine earlier and retire to their rooms while the adults enjoy a later meal and possibly a show or concert provided at no additional cost.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are not really any quality Passover hotel programs that can truly be considered cheap, unless you take a long look at everything these programs provide. Most include your food and drinks. Many include your activities and entertainment.

You can find programs that are slightly less expensive by choosing a lower star rating, less popular destinations, and programs that do not include packed lunches for excursions, free babysitting, free wine, or twenty-four-hour snack bars.

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