Animated videos_ who needs them and how they help in business

Everyone, including companies and consumers, need animation films, Animated videos_ who needs them and how they help in business according to Explain Ninja’s specialists. The only issue is in what format they will be made and for what purpose.

Animated content continues to grow in popularity since it is a costefficient and effective method to get your name out there.  Animated videos who need them and how they help in business. For the dynamic world to notice them, presentations, promotions, corporate videos, internet interfaces, and even logos are shifting into animated graphics creation forms. What exactly is animation, and how can you use it for your business?

Animation is appealing By Animated

What moves is seen more clearly by people. This formerly assisted us in saving our lives ,Animated videos_ who needs them and how they help in business but today it assists us in saving valuable time. As a result, every text that can be animated must do so. Animation makes all presentations, extensive instructions, and complicated numbers simpler to explain. Animated videos_ who needs them and how they help in business

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The brain develops a defensive mechanism to suppressunnecessaryinformation and display what we prefer amid the daily flood of news and commercial material that pours on us from all sources.

The brain interprets animation asentertainingstuffvivid visuals, characters, and imagery. It attracts attention, lengthens the commercial’s watching duration, and improves recall. And when you consider that animation is less expensive to produce than producing a video, it’s a winwin situation for all sides.

Important: the animation movie should not be more than 3 minutes, and in the event of a training video, it should go no longer than 56 minutes. The customer is no longer willing to spend more than 3 minutes on brand material, no matter how vibrant the animation is. There are certain exceptions, such as instructional or otherHow it Worksvideos.

Everything that was previously provided with text, material for the brand’s social networks, corporate characters / animals, difficulttounderstand information, monotonous presentations, and profitable promotional offers are all examples of what may beanimated.”

The animation explains everything For Animated

Despite the fact that animation is enjoyable, consumers flock to the brand to do more than just have fun. They will not watch advertisements as if they were cartoons simply because they are not cartoons. The customer will seek a solution to his issue, and animation will emerge as a helpful medium for expressing information. Not sure where to go to create a video? An explainer video animation by Explain Ninja would be the best solution in this situation.

If you understand your audience’s demands and wish to provide simple solutions, animation may help you do it in a unique and creative way. People demand rapid access to information, particularly in the form of a brief squeeze. This desire is met by animation, which presents complicated material using simple graphics. This is why instructional, tutorial, comparative, and large data infographic formats are so popular.

What kinds of things can beanimated“:

  • the unveiling of a new product;
  • a rewards scheme;
  • material for teaching;
  • instructions;
  • volumetric analysis.

Animation is a profitable business

And data backs this up: according to Forbes, the animation style may help a company raise sales by 49 percent.

CocaCola, Red Bull, and M&Ms are among the companies that actively employ animation to tell hilarious and reallife tales. This is a brilliant approach for any product to stand out in the advertisingclutterand become a bright pixel in the consumer’s memory for any product.

If you have a great concept, you can make it even better by using animation. In the other direction, if you use animation as a communication tool, its aesthetic capabilities might motivate you to be more inventive.

What kinds of things can beanimated“:

  • situation of consumption;
  • a quick choice;
  • a restricted offer;
  • picture of the product’s promotion;
  • superheroes or heroes.

What do you need?

Marketing budgets don’t always have a full shot. Especially now, when most of the companies have reduced their advertising costs. Animation will cost significantly less in production, and restrictions associated with quarantine or other force majeure are not important for its creation. Designers and animators can work remotely.

But is animation always appropriate? Knowing about your audience and analyzing business objectives will help determine this.

Check questions for analysis:

  1. Do I have an idea or just want to cut my budget?
  2. How does my target audience react to animated content?
  3. Where is my target audience? What is watching Youtube in between working emails?
  4. Are there already successful animation cases of similar products / services?
  5. Can my message be conveyed clearly with animation?
  6. In what form?


The artistic possibilities of animation are at their peak. The willingness of people to watch interesting content is more relevant than ever. All that remains is to draw, animate, render and launch your creative idea into the world.

And we, at Explain Ninja, will be happy to help with thissee what we have already done for our clients and more info about this topic: 

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