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VPN for your Android Phone Security

VPN for your Android Phone Security

You must hear from some people saying that using a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is not safe and secure. When using a VPN, they are afraid that their mobile or laptop will get hacked easily when a data leak occurs. However, it’s a false assumption.

Nowadays, the case of password theft, credit card data, or personal data violation is slowly increasing. The reason behind this is that many people like to use the internet with a public Wi-Fi connection.

By using these facilities, your privacy on the internet is open to hackers to log into your phone or laptop easily. Therefore, they can easily steal your personal data anywhere, any time.For that reason, this is where VPN steps in. Using a free VPN is not just to make sure your data is not leaking, but rather to make you have control over your privacy, which is part of human rights.

Here are a few reasons why you need to use a VPN for Android device:

Guaranteed security

You can access the internet securely because you go through an encrypted tunnel or a dedicated server when using a VPN. By communicating within this tunnel, the activity you are doing on the internet will be difficult for others to see, especially the hackers who are already lurking.

This is especially for users who choose to connect their laptop or Android phone with public Wi-Fi, without a VPN, their every activity on the internet can be easily viewed. Therefore, VPN ensures you have guaranteed security no matters whether you are station locally or overseas.

Have the freedom of access

Several countries in the world, there are many websites that are blocked or banned due to their government politics and policy. It could be that these sites are considered to be detrimental to many parties or contain malware that can make your Android phone ‘sick.’

However, many of these kinds of blocked sites bring benefits or entertainment to internet users. Well, a VPN can give you the freedom to access them. So, if you enable a VPN connection on your phone, then you can access sites that have been blocked by the government. Access anything you like, as if no limitation.

Easier for you to stream sport matches

Not all sport matches can be telecast due to a license. The only way to enjoy the sports event is via online streaming. The reality is that streaming is getting harder and harder due to strict licensing and high competitors.

But no more worry for sports fans, there’s a VPN that can help you snoop your location. Let’s say you want to watch a Chelsea game in London; a VPN redirects your location in London so you can stream the match live with close-to-zero buffering.


Protecting Privacy

Whatever you do on the internet, it’s visible to the government, Fossbytes reported. The government has complete access to browse the history of your activities on the internet. Surely, you don’t want your privacy compromised.Practically speaking, all you have to do is use a VPN service as a solution. VPNs can turn you anonymous, so the government won’t be able to see what you are doing on the internet. You can freely access anything safely because a VPN already safeguards your privacy.

Suitable to use in a region with internet limitation

As we know, some states have restrictive policies, including internet restriction. The government of the country has control over its internet service so that its citizens must use the internet provided by the government.

Nevertheless, the internet service provided is usually not as open as the internet that we typically use every day. These countries have always restricted internet access and blocked many sites. If you’re living in one of the mentioned countries, or maybe on vacation, a VPN can be the golden key for you to accessing the internet freely.

Opt-out from personalised ads

So far, search engines like Google have always been everyone’s confidence. The majority of people in the world use Google as their main search engine. Google did manage to steal the hearts of its users by providing a free and complete search service.

However, many people do not know that Google knows everything. Just imagine, every day, you search with Google and download something through Google. All hidden data are captured in the indirectly way.So, they can quickly know what you’re looking for, your interest, web browsing history, and download history. These data will be used as personalise ads for you. With VPN, you can hide your search activity from Google.

Safer to use Public Wi-Fi

Is Free!!! Who doesn’t like freebies? In any café or restaurant, hotel to the airport, you’ll get passwords from public Wi-Fi available there. Unfortunately, the majority of Wi-Fi in public spaces is very insecure if a VPN does not protect you.Especially if you’re a researcher or a businessman, your data is open for any third-party like a hacker to steal your data through free public Wi-Fi. The usage of a VPN on your devices is the solution to this threat.

Well, here are the reasons why you need to use a VPN for android phone. If you use a VPN, it is guaranteed that you can access the internet securely while at the same time visit your favourite entertainment or sports sites & apps.

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