An Introduction to Resume Building for Students Entering High School

Resumes are not only written by adults who are applying for a job but also students who want to enter college or find summer jobs. A well-written resume is much more than a series of accomplishments. It shows the reader who you are and what you love doing. The educators should easily read your resume and get a clear idea of who you are, your goals, educational background, and interests. If writing a good resume is stressful and overwhelming, don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Most students have a difficult time writing a resume. They don’t how where to start, how to list their accomplishments, how to record their special talents and abilities, and the extracurricular activities that they should record. By reading this short guide, you’ll be able to write a good resume that will help you secure your dream job.

  1. Planning early is key

If you wait till the last minute to start writing your resume, you’ll greatly reduce the odds of remembering your honors, accomplishments, and activities that you’ve participated in the last few years. Before you enter high school, start keeping records of everything that you’ll need when writing your resume. Keeping track will help you identify the key areas that will require your attention such as summer programs, volunteer work, or community service to name a few.

  1. Prepare before you start writing

You need to start thinking about the abilities, skills, and special talents that you possess. Gathering all the information that you saved over the years will help you capture your thoughts on paper easily. In many ways, preparing to write a resume is similar to working on your school assignment. It might help to talk to visit professional writer service to compile a list of unique things about you.

  1. Write a functional resume

A good resume should paint a clear picture of who you are. It is supposed to have:

  • Your name, phone number, address, and mail

  • Educational background

  • The activities that you participated in both in and out of school

  • Your work experience

  • All academic and non-academic awards

After building your resume, you need to tailor it for specific use. For instance, if you want to get into high school, you should focus on academic performance and the extracurricular activities that you engaged in.

  1. Use the appropriate format

Your resume should not be difficult to read or comprehend. The best format is the one-page. You should avoid including a second page unless you have lots of experiences or participated in many activities. Making it too long might make the reader tired and bored. Tutors recommend that applicants should keep their resumes short and brief. If you don’t grab the reader’s interest, it will be quite difficult for them to continue reading. Essay writer service resumes always look professional. And so should yours. You need to use simple words throughout. After writing, ask your friend or parent to proofread it for you.

  1. Consistency is key

High school tutors look for consistency and commitment throughout the resume. A long list of volunteer work and other activities won’t impress the admission panel. When the panel looks at your resume, they should see a young person who is committed to getting good grades and few important activities.

  1. Don’t pretend

Your resume should act as an extension of yourself. Don’t include information that doesn’t reflect your personality. You need to present yourself honestly for the panel to accept you. Showing what you are capable of bringing to the table will help tutors decide whether you are a good fit.

  1. Read samples

Before writing your resume, you must look at resume samples and use important writing tips. There are a lot of resume templates on the internet. Use them as a guide but avoid copying them directly even if they are perfect. High school tutors will easily know if you copied some information from online sources. And this will automatically disqualify you.


Before entering high school, most students are required to write resumes. A resume is a document that helps others know more about you. If you don’t know where to start or how to proceed, we hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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