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An Influencer – xHarnel Harnel Matias inspiring Youth for Gaming

Hidden information about xHarnel. If you are a trend follower, let me tell you this century is full of gaming. If you check the trends in recent days, you will notice that gaming is trending on no.1. People are watching gaming videos and playing games of their interest. While moving onward, there is a personality, “xHarnel” who is popular in the world of gaming.

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xHarnel is a person who is doing work on gaming for a very long time. He is developing unique ways to attract people to the gaming world. Today, we are going to discuss his lifestyle and work, so let’s get started. 

Gaming Star:

xHarnal is a gaming star. He is one of the most famous persons in the world of gaming just because of his skills in gaming. He spent his childhood and grew up in the country of Italy, In the city of Verona.  He was born on 9 September in the year 2002 in the Dominican Republic.

He worked a lot on his skills to become a professional gamer. He has a habit of playing games from his childhood, and after that, he gains proper skill in it. xHarnel has also participated in several tournaments in his life. The tournaments in which he has participated have been victorious, and one of these is the Warriors Cup by Papa torneo created in the mobile video game called Garena FREE FIRE in the North American region.

Founder of a Gaming Team:

xHarnel is the founder of a gaming team, Heptick Gaming. This team faces and takes part in many tournaments and allows other professionals to take part in it.  It is providing multiple charms to the audience of their country and other countries.

Harnel creates this team to give an excellent chance to the audience; to let them take part in different platforms and make their name in the whole world. Heptick Gaming is a competitive team created in the Dominican Republic to increase professional gamers’ growth in the Dominican Republic. 

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Incredible Personality:

xHarnel has an incredible personality. He is influencing people while making more easy ways for the audience. He knows multiple languages. Currently, xHarnel speaks 3 languages, Italian, Spanish, and English, to perfection that will help him a lot in his career. He now has many fans since he is one of the professional and competitive players in the Dominican Republic. In addition to this, he is the creator and founder of a well-known team in the Dominican Republic, which is Heptick Gaming.

Shining Star of Social Media:

xHarnel is a shining star in this industry. He is influencing the audience by his techniques and how he is representing in front of the audience. He is making posts and videos of his gaming and attracting people to take steps in this field. 

As a well-known person, xHarnel is attracting different personalities towards his team and in the world of gaming. Gaming is a source of relaxation, and also it refreshes the mind of people. As a shining star of social media, he makes ways for the youth to contact him through his social media account on Facebook or Instagram. He is giving every ordinary person a chance to enhance his skills by working with him.   

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