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American Lifestyle Magazine – You need to know about it

Here is everything you need to know about American Lifestyle Magazine


American Lifestyle Magazine was established in 1984 by Wendy Rosen, organizer of Rosen Group. The magazine was working at the organization’s Mill Center office in Baltimore, Maryland. It was America’s first social travel industry magazine and gives data on the social travel industry and highlights stories in gathering wonderful contemporary workmanship and artworks, their producers, and patterns in craftsmanship assortments.

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Following the monetary plunge from 2007 to 2009 in the United States, the magazine shut after its 2012 release of Fall Arts Preview. The magazine has confronted troubles in creatingand keeping up promoting income from battling financial foundations.

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Substance and impact:

The American Lifestyle Magazine has given its users exhortation and guidance on workmanship assortments, home improvement, inside plan, and show thoughts. Each American Lifestyle Magazine included subtleties of specialists, authorities, and devotees. The articles were about the social and monetary meaning of crafted works and the significance of commitments made by craftsmen and specialists in the encompassing zones and activities to rejuvenate urban communities.

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The quarterly issue of the magazine additionally gave refreshes on more than 200 display presentations, workmanship celebrations, and historical center occasions in their book area. It included specialization in the livelihoods of craftsmen, in the homes of workmanship gatherers, and in the craftsmanship exhibition in different urban areas to advance their inventive capacity. Many urban communities have facilitated nearby and online rivalries for incorporation in the American Lifestyle Magazine Top 25 Arts Destinations magazine.

 Articles constantly from the magazine were utilized as extracts from magazines, for example, Sociation Today, 14 books, including Outside the Center/On the Edge by Lisa Austin, distributed in 2005 by Bucknell University.


The American Lifestyle Magazine understudy survey of the year suggests Berea, as a top craftsmanship objective for authorities and explorers who love exhibitions, galleries, and workmanship celebrations. This status and assignment are highly pursued by the travel industry and expressions advertisers and certifies Berea as “Society Arts and Craft Capital of Kentucky.”

While American Lifestyle Magazine users are energetic about craftsmanship and travel, many are additionally affiliating of their nearby and local workmanship discussions. New shows and galleries, historical centers, workmanship visits, celebrations, and the incorporation of local area craftsmanship all impact understudy decisions.

“A sound workmanship space upgrades the city’s strength and its travel industry, and many winning urban areas perceive that,” said Wendy Rosen, distributor of American Lifestyle Magazine. “Human expressions are a demonstration of their commitment to the monetary turn of events and recovery, work creation and business venture.” 

The city of Berea has for quite some time been known for its specialties, and today it is known for its set of experiences, magnificence, shops, and studios, meals for occasions and occasions. Berea is likewise home to the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, visits for Working Studio Artists, Berea Arts Council, Berea College’s Christmas Country Dance School and Berea Arena Theater.

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