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American College of Education – Learn quality education

American College of education is located in Indianapolis. It is a private – online college.  It is focused on healthcare, nursing, and education. It is the subsidiary and part of ACE Holdco PBC which is located in Dallas, Texas. It grants a degree of Master of Education in multiple programs. It includes the following education master which specializes in:

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  • Early -Childhood -Education / Educational- Leadership / Doctor of education.  
  • Curriculum & Instruction / Educational Technology.
  • Specialization of leadership education begun in 2013.

In 2017 bachelor of Healthcare Administration was added. In 2018 registered nursing & Master of Nursing also started.   Registered nursing to the Master of Nursing is an advanced level program that enables nurses who are registered to get a bachelor’s degree on their way to masters. It is an online program.


Illinois and the American College of Education merged. Its incorporation took place on 25th February 2005. Under this new merger American college acquired the Barat college’s property that is the academic program. After the acquisition college gave an application for accreditation to the higher learning commission for Barat college.

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College wanted to endure the registration and affiliation with new ownership & name. The accreditation request was approved by the higher learning commission in March 2006. The Higher Learning Commission recognized the American college efforts and extended their accreditation of college for 10 years. In 2015 they were awarded an extension till 2025.


American college of education did partnership with two institutes and provided a way to a degree program and STEM certification. In 2016 they partnered with accelerated learning and the national institute-stem Education (NISE). They are STEM scope investors. The coursework certificate transfer option is available. NISE certificates can be transferred to an American college to complete the Stem leadership Master of education.

American College of Education

Collaboration and donation drive

American college of education is the first college that received the certification for benefit corporation in Illinois state from nonprofit B Lab in September 2016. The college is recognized and appreciated for its collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as Teachers’ Treasures, Kids in Need Foundation, etc. the American college of education also do donation- contribution drive for Feeding-America & Indianapolis-School of Wheels.

Dynamic work environment

American college of education believes in and implements dynamic work environment policy & progressive-workplace policy. In 2017 for the same policies, it received an award from the Indiana chamber of commerce. American college of education continues to bag the award for years 2018 and 2019 as well. Not only this it also took the award for when work works from Human resource management society. It received this award for its outstanding and exceptional personnel satisfaction.

Healthcare Expansion

In April 2018 American college signed the transfer contract with Ivy Tech Community – College. It states that students with degrees in associate / applied science can transfer their program to have a bachelorette degree of science in health care administration at the American college of education.

In June 2018, the institution stated its objective formally to expand into the nursing area with an RN to MSN course. It was a systematic plan that enabled the registered nurses to finish their Bachelor’s along with a Master of Science in Nursing degree in three years. The first program was initiated during the August 2018 term.

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