Wednesday, September 22, 2021

All You Need to Know Before Purchasing Covers for Your Cushions

Cushions are mainly used to serve two purposes – as a decorating item and to enhance the cozy feeling while sitting. They are used widely to give a big makeover on a small budget.  Whether we are intending to buy cushions for our living room, or bedroom, or the outdoor seating arrangement, we make it very sure to give extra preference to sync them in with the décor of the place. To tell the truth, a cushion is just a type of pillow. But its worth manifolds when we dress it up in an appropriate cover. It’s not always an easy task to choose the most satisfactory one that will perfectly match the ambiance. Just to make your task a little bit easier, we are sharing some of the factors you need to take into consideration before buying covers for your cushions.

Choosing the right fabric

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for the covers, various factors come into play like the function of the room for which you are buying them. For a simple look, you can opt for polyester or linen fabric whereas if you are preferring a bold and rich look, then your go-to fabric will be either silk or velvet and you can mix and match with faux leather too. If you are choosing covers for that cozy place right next to your fireplace, then a woolen cover will help you to keep you warmer. If you have sensitive skin, then your only choice of fabric for the covers would be cotton or linen. You can also use dry cleaning services near me to keep the fabric new.

Consider the color of the room as well as that of the sofa

Surely, you are going to pay heed to the color of the room for which you are making the purchase as well as the color of the sofa. If you have a grey-colored sofa cover, then the most probable color options to choose from for the covers of the cushions would be navy blue or blue, yellow, and white pattering.   

Locale matters

If you are choosing cushion covers for an outside arrangement, then you have to keep in mind the effects of weather on these items. The waterproof (like water-resistant spandex) material is the best suitable for covering outdoor cushions. In case you wish to decorate your bedroom, then surely you will prioritize softness and comfort. 

Patterns of the covers

These days, it’s very rare to find a cover without a pattern or design on it. There are striped, checkered, self embossed, embroidered, and many more. It’s best to team them up with solid color covers which will help to bring out the design even more prominently. To give your lounge an extra touch, you can also add a quilt to it. 

Role of the cushions

If you are looking for something just to cover your cushions up to protect them from getting damaged or stained and you don’t intend to keep them anywhere near for the guests to see, then better choose something that is durable and is low in maintenance. For the decorative purpose, select something ornate which are bound to attract the eyes of your visitors. 


Whatever covers you may end up buying, make sure to take care of them properly as materials like silk requires dry cleaning to maintain its shine. Cotton and linen covers get dirty as well as wrinkled very easily. We have to wash and iron them at regular intervals. So, while choosing covers for your cushions also give importance to the maintenance factor. 

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