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A Trip to Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum

Since ancient times, music has been our companion for every mood, A Trip to Bangalore’s Interactive Music be it happy, sad, anxious or excited. Hence it might not be wrong to say that rhythmic music is one of the solutions for your bad mood and even boredom or your partner when you wish to celebrate happy moments with family and friends. A Trip to Bangalore’s Interactive Music

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Furthermore, as the Indian music industry has undergone a tremendous transformation through the impact of digital technology, an interactive music museum set up in Bangalore is winning the hearts of music buffs globally. So if you are planning a trip to Bangalore anytime soon, don’t forget to book a Bangalore airport taxi and head to explore this famous Bangalore interactive music museum.

Witness the glory of Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum

Situated in the centre of JP Nagar (Brigade Millennium Avenue), Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum is a hidden treasure trove for Indian music fans. It is India’s only interactive museum. Even for people, who are not into music professionally, this place gives a delightful experience. Remarkably well-executed and equally well-maintained, this extraordinary music museum is a must-see for all music buffs.

The museum gallery starts with a short animated film on the importance of music in human lives, and then visitors can then witness the actual museum. The entire Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum is split into parts, and each segment focuses on a special genre of music and traces its transition and evolution. In addition, you might be surprised to know that this museum further houses segments on Indian film music, Indian classical music (Carnatic and Hindustani music), folk music, music of the Indian independence battle, and Indian fusion music.

Apart from displaying each genre’s track in the past years, the museum concentrates on the lives of every genre’s stars. Musical instruments and cherished belongings of well-known instrumentalists such as Ustad Bismillah Khan and Bhimsen Joshi decorate the hallways. Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum features interactive areas that add a touch of eccentricity and fun to this museum. Here, you can play karaoke, record your voice, understand your vocal breadth, make fusion mixes, or watch/listen to renowned music artists.

Top attractions of Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum

Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum presents a memorable experience with nine lyrical passages and a hi-tech exhibition room. The prime attraction of this famous museum is its sound park, where you can discover and appreciate 10 ‘playable’ melody statues. In addition, there is a knowledge hub for music teaching and several performance areas. Roughly 200 musical instruments are part of Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum’s enormous collection.

These instruments are either held or played by renowned Indian musicians. Likewise, other relics comprise costumes of artists, musical archives and gramophones. Moreover, this renowned museum in Bangalore also talks about the instruments’ roots, creation, and playing styles.

All in all, Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum presents an interactive and delightful virtual walkthrough of its comprehensive display, exhibitions and archives. Moreover, the Interactive Music Museum’s director shares insights into the history and unique elements of the Indian music industry and leads the virtual experience. Hence it might not be wrong to say that Bangalore’s Interactive Music Museum is undoubtedly a haven for music buffs. So while in the city, book a car rental in Bangalore and visit this impressive museum to unwind your musical soul.

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