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A Guide To Garage Door Issues And Their Solutions

Garage doors are the watchdogs of our vehicles. They are mandatory and need to be in service all the time. However, nothing is immortal and neither are our garage doors. Sometimes, they open with a lot of noises, other times they are frozen due to the chilled weather. Irrespective of the reason, garage door repairs should be the priority and be fixed as soon as the fault is encountered.

Here is a guide that elaborates on various kinds of garage door issues and a few details about basic repairs that can be done until professional services like garage door repair Garner intervene.

Exhausted Garage Doors

One of the most common reasons for garage doors repair is the material fatigue that occurs over time.

Initially, wood was the most preferred option for garage doors, however, exposure to weather changes throughout the year makes them weak. Imbibition, termite rot, and physical trauma due to harsh climate gradually decline their strength and durability power. Steel and fiberglass are poor insulators whereas aluminum is prone to dents.

Solution: In such situations, the replacement of the door is the only option. It is advisable to take the advice of professionals while selecting a long-lasting and weather-resistant door that satisfies your requirements.

Clamorous Garage Doors

Loose nuts and bolts or a worn-out insulation strip is the foremost reason for a noisy door. Metal rollers, sliding chains, and wrongly fixed or increase in the quarters of the springs are some other reasons for such an issue.

Nonetheless, clamorous garage doors are the most uncomplicated indicator of the need for repairs and should be intervened immediately.

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Solution: Inspect the nuts bolts, chains, hinges, and other moving parts. Tighten them as per requirement. Avoid over-tightening as it can make closing the door difficult. Replace the metal rollers with nylon rollers or deploy buffers to reduce the noise. Check the door locks and insulation strips, replace them if damaged.

Worn-out Cables And Rollers

The up and down movement of the sectional garage doors is regulated by the cables and rollers that maintain the torsion strength of the pulley system. The earliest sign of failure of the spring mechanism is the increase in the force(from mere 10 pounds to 200 pounds) required to pull down the door. Often aged springs break violently causing uneventful shut down of the door in open conditions.

Solution: Spring issues are one of the most serious issues encountered in garage doors as they not only cause door issues but also safety concerns as well. It is advisable to not indulge yourself in such problems and call professional services to fix them.

Frigid Garage Doors

Besides humans, winters also affect some inanimate objects like garage doors. The delay in opening and difficulty in closing them demonstrates their frigidness.

Solution: Try out de-icing products, hairdryers, or the application of a heat gun to the site which is causing the problem.


A damaged garage door has been responsible for many fall injuries and thefts of vehicles. It should be periodically maintained by professional services and should be regularly checked by the owner for any sort of problems.

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