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A Guide to Choosing a San Diego Plumber

Searching for plumbers may become frustrating when you have an emergency. It is not the best time to start comparing costs, client reviews, and response times. Therefore, in this article, we will simplify the things you need to look out for when you want to hire a plumber in San Diego.

Check Their Specialty

Broken heaters, leaky faucets, and septic issues are among the commonest problems San Diego plumbers handle. Some specialize in the installation or remodeling of baths and kitchens while others handle the repair of fixtures and pipes. Some provide emergency services for cases of leaking or clogged pipes that could result in water damage. You can click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efow6RI02og to see signs of hidden water leaks.

Places like La Jolla and Point Loma where there are older homes may have deteriorating galvanized pipes. This can result in brown coloration of the water or make it smell. Also, some historic places like Banker’s Hill and South Park that were developed around the 1920s may still have the original sewer pipes that are made of terracotta. So if you reside in those places, you may need plumbing services soon.

Most places in San Diego may not experience frozen pipes. But if you live in locations that experience a lot of snow during winter, like Alpine and Julian, there is a possibility of frozen pipes. Hence, you need to look out for that and ensure that the plumber you choose can take care of it.

Get Estimates of the Plumbing Service

It is important to always get estimates before any contractor commences work. You can get to a random plumber for cases like clogged drains, but when it is a bigger issue, you certainly need estimates. An instance is if there is a problem with the lateral line, which is the line connecting your building to the sewer main of the city. 

The lateral line has different access points that may require digging some feet or excavation of about 13 feet below the line. Getting an estimate will help you understand the exact problem compared to when the plumber makes a guess using your description. It also ensures that you get a precise cost of the solution required.

Furthermore, ensure you collect estimates from a minimum of 3 companies to enable you to compare services. For instance, you can’t compare $20 quotes from uninsured and unlicensed plumbers with $80 quotes from liability insured and licensed contractors. $20 may look good, but you’re taking a greater risk without guarantees and almost no accountability.

Ensure the Contractor is Insured, Bonded, and Licensed

For contractors in San Diego, these 3 words are magical. They confirm the ability of the contractor to operate. They also indicate that the contractor is knowledgeable about the subject according to the certification boards, and they have insurance in case anything goes awry.

Therefore, if the contractor has no insurance, you will be responsible for accidents, including the cost of repairing damages. When a contractor asks you to get the relevant permits before they commence work, they are not licensed. Contractors should be able to get the necessary permits by themselves. You can check out this Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego website to find a list of insured and licensed contractors.

Some projects that require city permits include:

  • Installation of PRV for domestic use
  • Installation of water softener
  • Repair of gas lines
  • Repair of sewer or water piping
  • Installation of washing machines
  • Remodeling of bathrooms and kitchen

Seek Recommendations

Getting recommendations from colleagues or friends is usually the fastest means of finding reputable plumbers in San Diego, especially during emergencies. This method helps streamline the number of services you will look up in review websites like Angie’s List or the BBB. People usually vent about negative experiences, so if you see contractors who have positive reviews, they are quite noteworthy.

Pen it Down!

When you finally choose a San Diego plumber, ensure you get a contract that shows the entire scope of the work. It should include the materials they will use, the products and warranties, the exact work to be done, and the timeline.


Because you can’t tell when a problem will arise, it is better to find and vet contractors before you need them. You may not get a specific estimate, but you will get to know their reputation and typical charges. So when there is an emergency, you already know who to call.

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