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A Guide about Transactional Emails and their benefits

You for sure are excited about your next vacation to the mountains. Are you taking a flight to your dream destination? You head to the air carrier’s website and are about to make your bookings, A Guide about Transactional Emails and their benefits but there rings your doorbell. You leave the booking midway and get busy with your doings.

In your head, you assume you have made the bookings. Vacation-related excitement is real. If no one reminds you that you have forgotten to complete your booking, A Guide about Transactional Emails and their benefits you might remember it too late! The might be forced to shell out a fat sum. If you don’t remember at all, it would mean the moment you realize you forgot will turn into a nightmare for you.

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Amidst this, what if you receive an email from the air carrier reminding you of the booking you have left midway. That is a big relief. An email no customer would like to miss. An email every customer would see as an angel in disguise. Do you know what we call such an email? We call it a transactional email.

Why just air carriers? The ongoing shopping sale may have led you to visit the apparel brand’s portal for some quick online shopping. Unfortunately, your boss caught you red-handed. What does this mean? Products in your cart are lying unattended. As soon as you head home, you get a reminder email from the apparel brand. You are once again in action to continue with your shopping. That is another form of transactional email, which we know as the cart abandonment email. This approach is just one of the many transactional email examples, leading the email marketing game for most entities, big and small.

Email marketing does have its share of benefits, with transactional emails being no exception.

Customer is looking for “Experience”: 

Several apparel brands in the market, each trying to outdo the other. In this case, why should the customer stay with you? Of course, what experience you are bringing to the table.

You may be selling the best products and services, but they mean nothing if the customer does not feel valued. Transactional emails work best-concerning customer retention and satisfaction. These emails make the customer feel that you need them, which, in turn, helps build customer loyalty. Indeed, crucial for business growth!

Closing “Deals”:

What is your purpose with email marketing? At a primary level, it is to convert leads and close sales. Of course, it is easier said than done, but transactional emails are sure to come to your rescue.

Transactional emails have the power to influence buyer intent. A buyer may have explored a shopping portal for fun. Excitedly, they must have added a few items to the cart and ultimately forgotten about it. However, suddenly a transactional email hits their inbox, and now they feel like they need the products sitting in their cart. Isn’t this a great way of gaining more business?

Brand Visibility:

Every brand faces cutthroat competition in the market. You may be doing excellent today, but it will not take time for you to have a major fall. What could be the reason for the same? Your customers have forgotten you.

How did your customers forget you? You failed to keep them in the loop. Over time, your brand visibility dropped. Thus, what is required is to remind your audience about your brand, which is what transactional emails make possible as they enjoy a higher open rate.

What are the different types of transactional emails?

Even though the purpose of transactional emails is the same, they usually take different forms. Here’s a list of the most common types of transactional emails.

  • Registration emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Feedback emails
  • Notification emails
  • Confirmation emails

If you are looking to build a healthy relationship with your target audience, there is no better alternative than exploiting the arena of transactional emails. To take their game a notch, most companies are turning to white label email marketing, where an existing email software is rebranded and becomes usable by the client. To do wonders, choose to engage the services of a white label email marketing agency.

Final Thoughts:

All this while, if you have been going back and forth on your decision to explore email marketing, then now is the time to take a step in that direction. Email marketing is the way forward, which means you cannot function without applying its strategies to your business. A good starting point would be to float transactional emails. Do not hesitate to take professional assistance. Once your email marketing campaign starts running, you will witness results in no time.

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