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9 Tips To Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate by using Social Media

Today, our social media profiles depict our personality and approach to life. The tech giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter know more about our thoughts and interests better than our parents do. eCommerce

With this power, social media is one heck of a marketplace to grow our brand. You can not only entice customers to buy from you but also fetch prospects from other domains. 

Especially if you have an eCommerce website secured by an SSL certificate, social media companies can help you gain more traction and conversions eventually. 

So, how can you leverage social media to improve conversions? 

Here are nine tips that will help:

#1. Create A Campaign For Users To Interact

People love to follow suit and go with trends, so you must leverage this behaviour by creating social media campaigns such as contests, hashtags, giveaways, and more. 

When real people show off your product using a hashtag, others are much more likely to convert as they want to do the same thing their friends (your customers) did.

You can even add giveaways to the top 10 best poses given by people with your product. Instagram is a great platform to run the image and video-based contests and giveaways. You can also check this list of Trending Songs for Instagram Reels

#2. Ensure Your eCommerce Store’s Safety

Brands generally redirect their target audience to their store and website but, what if your targets see a “Not Secure” sign upon visiting the store?

Before establishing your brand on social media, ensure that your eCommerce store is secure with an SSL certificate. 

An SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is a security protocol that encrypts the data transfer going on between a server and a client through Public Key Infrastructure. SSL can be classified into two types, viz. Regular and Wildcard.

A regular certificate can protect a single domain, but a wildcard SSL can protect both the main domain and unlimited subdomains to level one. Investing in a wildcard SSL certificate is a good decision for an ecommerce enterprise.

#3. Don’t Rely On Links.

Platforms like Instagram do not facilitate many link-sharing options. Users can share a single link, and that is in their bio, making it extremely difficult for businesses to drive conversions. 

But Instagram comes with product tags, which, if clicked, can lead a customer to view more about the product. 

On the other hand, the shop now button can redirect a customer to buy a product from the business’s site. 

So, focus on leveraging product tags and buttons instead of relying on links. 

#4. Integrate Social Media Signup Buttons

When was the last time you decided not to buy something because you had to fill in many details?

Customers don’t want to take the burden of signing up to a site and go through the entire process; instead, they need an easy way out, which is why you must include a social media signup button. 

You can include buttons of at least three platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

#5. Leverage Social Media Ads

If organic social media marketing isn’t helping much then, you can switch to ad campaigns. Ad campaigns can give you much-needed traction. 

Instagram offers multiple options to run an ad. For example, you can do sponsored ads, video ads and image ads etc. 

You can include a Shop Now button there for people to buy. Moreover, you can leverage Facebook reels with product tags, and Twitter sponsored ads with buttons etc. The point here is to get across more people to be heard. 

#6. Hashtags Are Paramount

Hashtags represent your brand, its product and your marketing skills. The better your hashtags are, the better will be your conversion rate. 

Hashtags are of three types, namely, product, brand and campaign hashtags. 

Product Hashtags: They are based on your product. When a customer searches for a specific product, the tag will help you stand out. 

Brand Hashtags: If your brand is already renowned, this tag will speak for your business and people using it will represent your brand. 

Campaign Hashtags: If your brand runs a campaign, it must have a specific campaign tag that increases popularity and makes your brand trend across social media.

#7. Run Discounts And Offer Free Giveaways

It is a no-brainer; people love the free stuff. They want you to offer discounts regularly, and that is exactly what you must do. 

To make your business stand out, offer some free giveaways to lucky winners so that more people can come and interact with you. 

Do not forget to maintain a sense of urgency in the process, as your small discount bursts are better than a longer month-end sale. Limited time offers perform better than the ones done for longer periods. 

#8. Engage Through Social Media Pages And Groups

Social media platforms are formally meant to create engagement. Even as brands, you must look to create engagements through your pages and by interacting in groups. 

You can create a Facebook page for your brand and interact with your prospects who require help or are confused about their buying decisions. 

The more you interact, the more likes you will get and the better engagement you will build. 

After receiving handsome traction on your account, the next step is to promote your brand by adding posts related to your products and services.

#9. Be Analytical

Last but not the least, you must track your progress. You must use tools like Google Analytics to track your store’s progress and social media analytical systems to track how well these platforms are performing for you. 

Keep track of posts that are performing well and the ones that are not. 

This will give you an idea about what your customers want to see more of and what they don’t want to see at all. 

To Conclude

Social media is an open marketplace. The success in it depends upon your strategy and efforts like effective backlinking for SEO. If used wisely, social media can bring a plethora of traction to your eCommerce store.

Also, give your customers all the trust badges that they need to believe in you. If you need a robust SSL for securing your ecommerce store, then Alpha wildcard SSL is your best bet.

With 256-bit encryption and at a fairly low price, this certificate can keep cybercriminals away. These nine tips mentioned above will help you create an effective social media and ecommerce strategy. So, follow them and leverage social media in the best way to build your brand.

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