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9 Great Coding Resources for Kid You Didn’t Know About!

Are you thinking of enrolling your kid in a coding summer camp or course or helping them flame their passion for coding? After all,9 Great Coding Resources for Kid You learning this skill can help your kid become more creative and develop a problem-solving mind. However, the real challenge lies in finding kid-friendly coding platforms that don’t overwhelm your child and allow them to ease into the world of coding. 

Don’t fret; we have prepared a list of the perfect coding resources for kids that will help them understand what it is and how to go about it. So,9 Great Coding Resources for Kid You without ado, let’s explore nine coding resources you should know about for your kids:

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Wevun Online Coding Summer Camp

Wevun online coding summer camp is a great resource to keep your kids engaged over vacation. This coding camp for kids is designed for children aged 7-14 to help them foster their interest in programming. Through Wevun,9 Great Coding Resources for Kid You your child can learn programming fundamentals via Scratch and Python and create a simple CSS/HTML website from scratch.

All you need to enroll your kid in this coding summer camp is a Windows or macOS laptop with at least 8 GB RAM. Your kid will be able to learn key coding concepts, such as HTML/CSS elements, condition statements, data variables, and more. The camp offers online coding classes for kids who can join them from the comfort of their homes. Your kid will have the support of truly qualified Wevun mentors and the opportunity to become a Superhero Coder. 


Tynker is for kids aged 5-17 and works on a subscription basis. It offers self-paced online courses for kids that teach them coding at home. Tynker’s curriculum is designed for camps and schools and entails courses that begin with visual block coding and slowly progress to Python and JavaScript courses. It features more than 100 step-by-step coding tutorials and shares coding activities with Roblox and Minecraft. 


idTech is perfect for kids aged 7 and up and features on-site coding camps and courses available to kids across the world. It also offers one-on-one tutoring and online summer camps. idTech also has multiple after-school coding programs, allowing students to gather after school to nurture their coding skills. However, idTech is certainly pricier than some of the other coding resources on this list.


Scratch is developed by the MIT Media Lab and is for kids aged 8 to 16. It’s a kid-friendly programming language and community which enables kids to animate their creations, create programs, and more. With Scratch Game Coding, kids can play coding games and snap coding blocks together to create stunning visual stories. Your kids can download the Scratch App for offline work.  


CodeWizardsHQ offers online coding classes for kids. These are 6-week and 12-week courses that include recordings and live classes. These courses include hands-on, project-based learning and the opportunity for kids to benefit from one-on-one office hours with highly qualified teachers. Your kids can also download slides from every class and receive certifications for all the courses they attend.   

Bitsy Bytesy

Bitsy Bytesy is for kids aged 11-16 and is a great option for those interested in Python. This platform offers high-quality Python courses for kids designed for beginners to masters. The lessons are short and easy to understand, and class sizes are kept small to enable your child to receive the attention they need. Each class teaches problem-solving and critical thinking while helping your kids learn Python. All the courses have an in-browser editor and come with a teacher-led or self-paced option. The only downside is that each course is exceptionally pricey.


Udemy is for kids aged 12 and up. It’s essentially a vast catalog of online courses. You can easily find coding courses for kids n Udemy to help them build on their skills. However, the only downside to these courses is that you will need to read reviews to decide whether a course will add value to your child or not.  

SpriteBox Coding

SpriteBox is for ages 8 and up. It’s an iOS and Android app that provides kids the opportunity to learn coding fundamentals, basic Swift/Java syntax, and problem-solving skills. It’s essentially a sandbox adventure game to get kids thrilled about coding. It involves solving puzzles with text-based commands and icons and teaches the kids the fundamentals of block building in coding. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great hub of online courses geared towards kids aged 8 and up. These are self-guided video courses that are perfect for students who like exploring topics independently. Khan Academy offers an Hour of Code course to help students learn computer programming through drawings, games, and animation using JavaScript. The only downside is that these courses are not teacher-led. 

The Bottom Line By Coding

If you’re looking for coding resources to help your kids become successful coders and foster their love of coding, you can check out the resources mentioned above. It will help you nurture your kid’s interest in coding and enable them to become better critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

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