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8 Ways To Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude

The power of positive thinking has become a bit of a cliché. This is unfortunate because study after study has shown that you can change your day by changing your mindset. Starting your day with a positive attitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your mood and your daily outcomes.8 Ways To Start Your Day With A Positive

Begin With Daily Affirmations To Help Set Goals

Take time in the morning for daily affirmations. These can be meditative. They can accompany a yoga practice. They can be spiritual and include prayer. Whatever option you choose,8 Ways To Start Your Day With A Positive make sure it’s a quiet time that allows you to focus on yourself. Simple statements like, “I will have a great day today” work wonders.

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Be Showered, Dressed & Fed For The Work Day

When you’re sitting at your desk on Zoom and you’ve got a virtual office background with logo, no one knows that you’re not wearing pants and your room is a mess. Get up, get showered, fix your hair, put on makeup if you normally would, and wear clothes that make you feel good. Eat a healthy breakfast for energy.

Focus On the Present

To everything there is a season. Don’t worry about next week’s problems. Stay in touch with today and focus on what you are doing right now.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Start the morning by saying hi to your positive friends and coworkers who uplift you. Send them a cheerful text or a funny meme to help them start their day on the right note. That joy will be reciprocated back to you. If you have a virtual meeting with them all later, choose a fun Google Meet virtual background extension to further bolster the mood.

No Negative Self-Talk

Nip any negative thoughts in the bud. It’s tempting to look in the mirror and make self-deprecating comments. Have phrases you can use to replace those negative messages. Instead of, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” think, “I am learning and have more to learn.” Instead of, “I really messed that up,” think, “Next time I will do better.”

Let Go of Failures

Whatever happened in the past can stay in the past. Learn from it and move on. If your first-morning thought is of yesterday’s poorly executed presentation, write down what you can do better and then let it go.

Cultivate Your Sense of Humor

Were your virtual office backgrounds the wrong ones? Did you bring the wrong file to work? Realize that you’re human and find humor in your situations. This attitude is a real boon in an office. Humor is contagious. Encourage those around you to find the funny side, too.


Slow down. Take time to breathe deeply. Our culture places too much value and emphasis on multi-tasking and overworking. Start your day with calm breaths that fill your whole body and cleanse your mind. Let positive thoughts overwhelm you. Then start your day. You can do this throughout your day, as well. Take breathing breaks whenever you can and build that positive attitude.

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