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8 Ways To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey

Many of you are probably stuck with your weight loss goals but with no plan in mind. You’ve scanned through so many diet programs from various magazines and promised yourself to start tomorrow. Although,8 Ways To Jumpstart Your Weight you still haven’t done anything the next day. The thing is, trying to lose weight is easier said than done. It wouldn’t happen by itself unless you step up, push yourself to do it,8 Ways To Jumpstart Your Weight and begin your weight loss journey. 

Your body is designed to be able to give you hints whenever you need to eat more or less. By listening to your body, 8 Ways To Jumpstart Your Weight you’ll have an idea about your fitness goals.  Although before you get started with your fitness goals, remember that no one loses weight in the same way.  

The following are eight ways to help you successfully jumpstart your weight loss journey starting today. 

  • Find Motivation To Lose Weight 

It’s hard to lose weight when you don’t know why you want to do it and have no motivation to keep doing it. So, before starting now, ask yourself why do you badly want to lose weight. When coming up with reasons, make sure it’s strong enough to keep you motivated throughout your journey. Some of the most motivating reasons for weight loss are often personal, such as wanting to feel better about yourself or keeping up with your fit friends.

Woman with measure.
Woman with measure.

Once you have a clear motivation in mind, check your weight and determine which changes you must implement. Having motivation and a plan in mind will help you get started with your weight loss journey.  

  • Double Check Your Kitchen 

Raid your kitchen and see if you find any food that could affect your healthy diet and make you feel out of control. If you do, find such food it’s best to get rid of them for good. It’ll be best if you don’t have any ‘trigger’ food stocked in your kitchen.  Hence, the less likely you’ll fall back into your bad eating habits and eat junk foods.  

  • Eat What’s Suitable For Your Body 

Instead of following tips from magazines about what to eat or not or restricting yourself to a certain diet, eat what you think is suitable for your body. Go for foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, and use healthy ingredients when preparing your meals at home. As confirmed by health experts from, both vitamin B6 and B12 also help you maintain a healthy body weight. The safest way to lose weight is by having a healthy body.  So, stop being a picky eater and start eating more nutritious options. You can also invest in a CGM device to easily monitor how every food affects your blood sugar.  

Furthermore, losing weight is never about skipping meals. It’s more on eating mindfully. So, every time you serve yourself a healthy meal, make sure to savor every bite and never gulp down everything all at once. Eating too fast can cause bloating, and it might put you at risk for obesity. So, practice eating slowly and mindfully to prevent digestive issues.  

  • Eat More Homecooked Meals 

As much as possible, always choose to eat homecooked meals instead of ordering outside. Although, eating take-outs may be more convenient as it saves you time preparing and cooking your meals. However, you might never know which ingredients they’re using.  This could then disrupt your healthy eating goals even if the restaurant promised an all-veggie meal.  

To keep you on the right track with your healthy diet, you can prepare your meals weekly to save some time rather than planning your meals per day. Designate one day per week and use it in planning and cooking your meals.  Afterward, you could freeze it and warm it up when you’re about to consume it.

  • Stay Hydrated 

Treat water as your best friend, especially if you’re aiming to lose weight. Keep in mind that your body is made up of 70% to 80% of fluid.  It’s essential for promoting healthy digestion, body detoxification, and regulating your body temperature. Proper body hydration can also keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. So, wherever you go, always take your water tumbler with you so you can drink water anytime and anywhere.  

  • Get Enough Sleep 

It’s hard to exercise when you had a poor sleep last night. Not only will it affect your energy, but sleep deprivation is also linked to obesity. So, strive to get eight to nine hours of sleep every night. This will likely let your body fully recover and repair itself for the next day’s challenges.  

  • Make Your Workout Fun 

Some people fail to stay consistent with their workout regimen due to the idea that exercising can feel tedious, tiring, and almost like a punishment. To keep yourself motivated and stay consistent with your workouts, make it a fun part of your day. Take out your workout playlist and listen to music while you jog for 20-30 minutes. You can also make it fun by having a workout buddy. A fun workout can make your weight loss journey more inspiring.  

  • Tell Your Friends And Families About Your Plans 

Once you’re dedicated to your weight loss journey, it’s important to tell your friends and families about it. This way, they can help you control your food intake, especially when eating together outside. For instance, if you eat lunch with your friends and you feel tempted to order an unhealthy meal, your friends could remind you to think twice about your food choices. Just make sure only to tell and hang out with people who genuinely care and support you with your weight loss goals.  

Conclusion By Weight

The beginning of your weight loss journey is always the hardest. So, help yourself jumpstart with your weight loss goals by going through these tips. Most importantly you should never give up. If you don’t see results right away, be patient and just take your time to enjoy the process.

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