8 Common Cat Health Problems Owners Should Know About

Did you know that your cat can suffer from many of the same diseases a human can? Things like eye issues and urinary problems are also things that can plague your pet. This is why it is so vital to keep up to date on pet appointments.

The last thing you want to see is your pet sick. Watching their diet and making sure their litter box is clean are two ways of prevention.

Cat health problems can strike at any time. For 8 of the most common problems that could make your cat ill, read on below.

1. Urinary Tract Problems

One of the most common and yet detrimental complications in a cat’s life is urinary problems. Unfortunately, many cats have problems with their kidneys over time. This is something that needs to be watched very closely by a vet.

A couple of signs that your cat is having kidney issues include increased water intake. Should you find that your cat is drinking more than usual this could be a warning sign.

In the meantime, preparing some washable diapers can save you the hassle of cleaning the house. If you choose kitten diapers with adjustable tails, you will not have to worry about your cats feeling uncomfortable. Cat diapers can also be very helpful when your cat is in heat!

2. The Irritant of Fleas

Many cats have the problem of these little critters on their skin. Fleas are one of the easiest things to treat when it comes to your pets. Even though they are a nuisance to your pet, they can be dealt with.

Signs of fleas on your cat can be shown in excessive cleaning or rubbing. This means that your cat is trying to pick their little buggers off themselves. Another sign would be that your feline is missing patches of fur.

Fleas on cats are treated with oral medication. They may still require a special bath afterward. Be sure to find a flea protection medication after your cat is free of them.

3. Eye Issues

Your cats can also contract pink eye. Conjunctivitis and other eye problems are as bothersome for cats as they are adults. Pink eye is just one type of eye issue your cats can acquire.

Carefully watch your pet to see if there is a chance in their vision. Long-term cat health may include your cat beginning to lose their eyesight over time.

This could mean that your fur pal could be suffering from a disease such as glaucoma. Many other eye infections could also be hindering your favorite pet’s life.

4. Tapeworms Are Common

Yes, tapeworms are actual parasites that can be found inside your cat. These worms are ingested by your cat. Most often they come from flea larva.

These tapeworms lay eggs rapidly. This means that your cat cannot get rid of them on their own. A doctor is needed to help your animal get some relief.

The worms can be seen on freshly laid feces. Or they are even seen around the cat’s anus. An infected cat may have a hard time using the litter box due to their tapeworms.

5. Vomiting Happens Often

Your cat may often find themselves in distress. It’s well-known that cats have hairballs. With how often your cat bathes themselves, it would be concerning if they didn’t.

However, not all vomiting is normal for your pet. Vomiting may cause them to be dehydrated. This could lead to many other feline issues.

If your cat continues to vomit a sample may be required. This will help your vet assess what problem your cat may be having.

6. Diarrhea in the Litter Box

Everyone’s had to deal with their cat having an upset stomach at least once. There is a list of reasons that cause your cat to have diarrhea. Some of these are more severe than others.

If you find that your cat has watery stool it could be due to a meal change. Not all cats are quick to adjust to a different type of food. This may cause your animal to feel sick.

It could also be an allergic reaction to a new meal. Whenever you switch your cat’s food you need to give them time to adjust to the new formula.

Other times, sickness can be a cause for further concern. Diarrhea may mean that your cat has a tapeworm. It could also be the start of other serious infections.

7. Dental Problems

Just like a human, your cat can also suffer from dental problems. Gum disease is a fairly common problem with your pet. This is when too much plaque gathers on your cat’s teeth.

Harmful infections that cause your cat to lose teeth may occur. Scraping the plaque from your pet’s teeth sometimes requires a professional. Moderating what your cat is eating can help maintain their teeth.

Is your cat going in for tooth surgery soon? Are you worried about them not being able to relax? (Check out baileyscbd.com for more tips on helping your cat stay calm.)

8. Obesity Is Problematic

Cat’s are easy to overfeed. They eat and automatically look for the next person to feed them. Humans fall for their tricks all the time.

That doesn’t mean that a cat’s weight isn’t important. Cats are actually at high risk for many different problems when they’re overweight. Arthritis and heart disease are a few.

Your cat should have a regular feeding schedule that is strictly maintained. If you see your feline friend beginning to tip the scale it might be time to reduce their food. Or perhaps just limit their snack intake.

If you find yourself concerned about your cat’s weight you have options. Diets for cats are an option to explore. This can be a key step in improving cat health.

Use Caution With Cat Health Problems

Your feline friend is a part of your family too. If you’re seeing the beginning of any cat health problems contact your vet. This will prevent any sickness from getting worse.

Other pet issues could also be hiding, so make sure that your cat is up to date on regular visits to the vet.

For advice in all other areas of your life, our blog may have something you’ll enjoy.

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