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7 Ways To Earn Money On The Side In The New Year 2022

Earning money on the side is one of the best ways to put more towards your savings,7 Ways To Earn Money On The Side In The New start paying off your debt and work towards becoming financially independent. One of the best things about making side money is it doesn’t have to consume all of your extra time. Also, you can even have fun while earning extra money besides your job. 

It is 2022, and if you still haven’t found a side hustle of your choice,7 Ways To Earn Money On The Side In The New here are some popular ways to earn money on the side. 

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  • Play online games and enter tournaments to win money 

Play to earn games is ideal if you want to have fun while making money on the side. 7 Ways To Earn Money On The Side In The New While online gamers are professionals who have adopted gaming as a part of their lives, you don’t have to go so far. A quick Google search shall reveal many gaming platforms offering fun cash-winning games like Cube Solitaire. 

If you’ve played Cube Solitaire before, you already know the rules. However, if you’re wondering how does Solitaire Cube work, you need to go through the game’s rules and create relevant sequences to transfer the set to the foundation pile. Typically, the cash-winning games are time-based, and you get to compete with several other online players. 

Besides Cube Solitaire, you will find Fruit Chop, Basketball, Baseball, 8-ball pool, and other games that you can play online. Participating in tournaments will help you win rewards. 

  • Earn money by monetizing your social media presence 

Social media has changed the way people communicate on the Internet. Thanks to social media sites, everyone can voice their opinion fearlessly. If you are active on any popular social media platforms, you can consider monetizing your presence. 

You can start promoting the products or services of brands. Advertisers are constantly looking for influencers who can improve their brand engagement with their target audience. You must ensure that your sponsored posts and ads are creative and resonate with your followers, so the brand gets the exposure. 

You can check out Upfluence, Aspire IQ, and other influencer marketplaces to find sponsorships. Alternatively, you can directly work with brands you love. 

  • Answer surveys online 

Answering surveys online might not make you rich overnight, but it can help you make extra money that can be used to pay off debts or achieve your savings goal. Some popular online survey companies are Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion, Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, etc. The survey companies are free to join, and you will get paid to answer simple questions. You will even get paid to test products. Therefore, it is best to sign up for as many survey companies online to make the most money. 

  • Start using Swagbucks for your online searches 

You earn Amazon gift cards without much effort if you use Swagbucks. The website can be used as Google, and you can complete your online searches via Swagbucks. The more you search, the more points you’ll get, which is called SB. You can redeem them for gift cards, cash, etc. 

  • Do you have a knack for writing? Become a freelance writer 

Becoming a freelance writer means writing for various clients, such as blogs, websites, magazines, etc. You don’t have to work for a specific company but let your work speak for itself. You can have contracts with different companies to help with their content writing requirements. You don’t have to quit your job to become a freelance writer, and therefore, you can pursue your passion and earn money. 

  • Test applications and websites for others 

Earn money by testing the user experience of applications and websites. As a tester, you will be asked to download a testing app to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Then, you need to perform various tasks, with most of them taking ten to twenty minutes to complete. For instance, you may be asked to find a product in an online store and explain your experience through the checkout process. 

You won’t be expected to buy anything on the app or website. You are only testing to improve the user experience by fixing usability issues. 

  • Create a blog and monetize it 

Testing and online surveys can give you a taste of the possibilities of making extra money on the Internet. However, if you’re looking for long-term returns, you need to create a stable business. Blogging is one type of business you can explore because you don’t have to quit your primary job, and it is effortless to maintain a blog. In addition, there’s no need for technical expertise to create and launch a blog today. Instead, it would help if you started jotting down things you are passionate about and want to share. First, you need to choose a blogging platform and register a domain name. Then, you need to select a blog hosting company. 

You can monetize your blog in the following ways:

  • After establishing a readership, you can sell ad slots and banner spaces to brands. 
  • Affiliate marketing is also profitable where you have to select the products that offer a fair commission and craft quality content around them.

So, don’t waste time and start earning extra income on the side right away. These are some ways to help you get started, and then you can start exploring more options.

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