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7 Ways Outdoor Blinds Can Boost Your Business Sales and Value

Running a company or a store means you’re part of a competitive industry. Each company tries its best to stand out from its competitors in order to attract customers. Platforms like social media and the introduction of online sales have helped many businesses grow and expand. The aim is to make your brand as visible as possible and enhance the customer’s experience. But digital marketing is not the only way to go.

A great way to grow your visibility is to use outdoor blinds to help advertise your company. This will allow potential clients to find your business easily and draw them in from the street. In today’s article, we explore different ways that outdoor blinds can boost your business sales.

Increase the Size of Your Property 

Add a retractable awning to instantly expand the usable space on your premises. If you have a café or restaurant the spaciousness will make your customers feel more comfortable and you can increase the number of people you will be able to serve. 

The outdoor blinds have the added benefit of protecting your guests from bad weather, such as strong winds and rain. On hot days outdoor blinds Melbourne businesses have will provide shade, an ideal feature in such a warm region. You can add awnings to the sidewalk to create even more space and attract customers that are walking by. 

Stand Out and Promote Your Brand

Outdoor blinds are an amazing business tool as they can be customized to suit your needs. You can add your brand logo, add telephone numbers, use brand colours and advertise pop up sales. 

Tip: print logos directly onto the outdoor blinds for better brand visibility. 

Instead of investing in advertising online or printing flyers, customizing your outdoor blinds is the advertising gift that keeps on giving. The more visible your blinds are the more customers they will attract. Consider hiring a graphic designer for the optimal design and to increase the returns on your investment.


As we mentioned outdoor blinds will protect your business from the elements, but did you know it can also increase the health benefits of your customers? Exposure to direct sunlight puts one in danger of being exposed to ultraviolet rays.  These rays are known to be a cause of skin cancer. 

Outdoor blinds provide protection for your outdoor furniture and stop pests such as bugs and mosquitos from entering the space.

Most customers will prefer to eat in a shady area, out of the glare of the sun and protected from the wind and pests. Comfortable clients will spend more time at your business, and that means that they will spend more money. By keeping them happy you will increase your profits.

Create a Professional Image 

Installing outdoor blinds will give your business a professional, uniformed look. The first thing people see when they enter your business is the way it’s decorated. This sets the tone for your business and leaves a lasting impression.

Adding outdoor blinds is a great way of beautifying your business and create a great first impression.

Tip: Choose bright fabric in your brand colours or elaborate designs to draw attention to your business. Outdoor blinds enhance uniformity and brand recognition.  

Increase Foot Traffic 

In business, half the battle is getting people to enter your premises. This makes foot traffic an essential element that you need to leverage to increase sales and your profit margin. Outdoor blinds and awnings help in this regard because they can be seen by customers as they walk or drive by. 

If your additional space (see #1 above) is visible from the street, this makes for a valuable feature. People outside enjoying the extra space will bring an element of fun. Happy, laughing customers will attract more customers to see what your business is all about. If your business is on a busy street this is very helpful to attract customers. 

Durability Means Professionalism

Outdoor blinds are a relatively cost-effective upgrade for your business. They are strong and durable, so they won’t need to be replaced very often. They were designed to survive the elements and are made from high-quality materials that won’t get ripped or damaged easily. This means your business will have a neat look for a long time, impressing potential customers who prefer doing business with companies that look professional in every aspect.

Increase Your Property Value 

If the time comes when you want to sell your business, installing outdoor blinds will add value to your property. The outdoor blinds increase the square footage of your business and also improve aesthetics. Think of installing them as an investment for the future, while you can still reap the rewards in the meantime.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to installing outdoor blinds at your business. The cost of installing them will quickly be forgotten once the profits start pouring in. So, what are you waiting for? 

These are only some of the amazing benefits. Can you think of anymore? Let us know in the comments section. 

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