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7 tips to quit smoking

7 tips to quit smoking

Over half of people who smoke every day want to quit – are you one of them? Then there is no better day to start than today! We give you good advice that increases your chances of success.


Now you have to stop! You are motivated and you nail a date in your calendar that says you have to quit. Feel free to download the End app and enter your end date. The app starts counting down and sends you messages with 7 tips to quit smoking.

Tell your loved ones

Do not end in hiding! Tell friends, family and colleagues that you are about to quit. Your decision becomes more binding, and you also receive support, understanding and help. Not least, the people around you know why you might be a little irritable the first few days or get Fildena 100 at himsedpills or vigora 100 for love life.

Prepare for nicotine withdrawal

Do you dread nicotine withdrawal? Use the days in advance to talk to us at the pharmacy or with your GP about starting over-the-counter nicotine replacement products (NEP). Quitting smoking is tough to implement on the willpower alone, and experience shows that NEP doubles the chance of success. You also avoid ingesting harmful and carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes and snuff.

Feel free to listen to advice from those you know who have quit. Decide if you want to step down in advance, or sniff and smoke as usual until your end date.

Visualize a life and an everyday life without smoking

Athletes use visualization to achieve their goals, and so should you! Think of situations where you previously smoked or sniffed. Imagine the same situation, but that you do not smoke and sniff, and that you think its ok. The picture you create tells you that it is going well. Do this as often as you can?

Be prepared for temptations

Think before you stop what temptations will come. In which situations will it be most difficult not to sniff or take a smoke? Imagine these situations in advance and decide on one or more solutions. Make your own “if-then” plans: If I am offered smoking at a party, I will say no thank you, I do not smoke. If I get smoke cravings, I’ll drink a glass of cold water.

The first days are often the worst, so some situations and places you may want to avoid right then.

Reward yourself in the beginning

Smoking and snuff cost a lot of money, so when you quit there is no reason why you cannot spend that money on something nice for yourself instead? Reward yourself for following the plan. This is especially important in the beginning, after all, the beginning is usually the worst time get Fildena 150mg , so give yourself the first prize after just one day. Do not wait too long with the next prize.

Think of all the benefits

Quitting smoking is beneficial regardless of age – but the earlier you quit, the greater the health benefits! By quitting smoking, you can achieve more good life years with less illness and improved quality of life. Just look here:

  • After 72 hours it becomes easier to breathe – enjoy the difference, go for a long walk!
  • After 2 weeks-3 months, the sense of taste and smell is better – you will be able to enjoy good food and drink better than before you quit smoking!
  • After 4-6 months, the risk of blood clots is much less, and ailments such as cough and mucus in the airways will be significantly reduced.
  • After 1 year, the risk of dying from a heart attack is halved.
  • After 10 years, the risk of dying from lung cancer is halved compared to the risk of continuing to smoke.


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