7 RC Radio Gear Items That Will Help You Race Like a Pro

Radio equipment controls your RC cars, planes, boats, and other electronics. Because there is no radio control without a radio, the radio is the single most crucial piece of equipment you will own if you have racing RC electronics as a hobby.

The RC gear comprises various pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy a more competitive RC experience. If you enjoy RC racing, read the following list of items that will undoubtedly help you race like a pro.

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As you might expect, the receiver is an essential piece of rc radio gear to help you race like a pro. The receiver is the antenna, and the circuit board inside the remote control receives signals from the transmitter. This, in turn, initiates the motors inside the toy as the transmitter sends signals.

Moreover, the transmitter and receiver must be on the same frequency to avoid interference with other RC systems. Although any transmitter can be paired with any receiver, you must still ensure they are on the same frequency, as mismatching them may permanently damage your receiver.


The transmitter, also known as a radio controller, is the controller you hold when operating the vehicle. While all transmitters perform the same function, models and manufacturers significantly differ in performance levels.

Some are intended for hobbyists, while others are designed for racers, and still, others can be used to control multiple RCs via multiple channels. If you want to race, get a transmitter that allows the car to race at full speed and has suitable control buttons, quick responses, and undisrupted connections.

RC Servo

The servo is the device that controls a vehicle’s steering and the throttle on IC-engined vehicles. In addition, the performance of a servo is determined by control signals known as pulsed signals, which tell the motor where to move.

The type of servo you use is determined by the RC electronics you have—how heavy it is, how fast it travels, and how much force it requires to turn the front wheel. Make sure to choose a solid servo to support the size and weight of your RC electronics.

Servo Connector

One thing to look for when purchasing a new servo is the connector, and there are two common types utilized for RC servos: JR “universal” and Futaba “J.”  Futaba “J” connectors. The Futaba connectors have a comparatively tiny tab crafted onto the side of the connector housing to aid you in properly positioning the positive and negative leads of your servo when trying to plug everything into the receiver.

The JR “universal,” on the other hand, provides the same assistance by using beveled corners on their connector housings. As a result, when purchasing a servo connector, ensure that the type of connector you purchase is compatible with the servo you own, or it will be a waste if it is not the correct servo connector type.

Radio Crystal

In MHz RC systems, crystals establish the frequency channel on which the radio control gear will operate. The Tx and Rx require their crystal to work on the same frequency channels.

Furthermore, the crystal is typically made of quartz and works due to the piezoelectric effect. This effect occurs when an electric current flows through the quartz and causes it to resonate at a specific frequency naturally. So, make sure to buy radio crystals for your RC electronics because they are an essential RC gear item for people who enjoy driving RC electronics.

Servo Horn By RC

It is no secret that many racers prefer to replace the kit servo saver with a direct servo horn to avoid sacrificing steering response performance. Consequently, a higher servo horn makes steering more responsive, whereas a lower horn requires more EPA on the transmitter to achieve the same length of travel.

Moreover, a taller servo horn will feel more responsive, whereas a lower one will feel less responsive, making it easier and more forgiving. So, select a servo horn that works well for you and complements your driving style.

Rechargeable Batteries

Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium) and Ni-MH are the most common rechargeable battery types used in radio-controlled models ( Nickel Metal Hydride). Ni-Cad batteries have a maximum capacity of around 2000MAh, but they must be discharged quickly after use to avoid the “memory” effect, which can cause a temporary decline in performance during a race on subsequent recharges.

On the other hand, Ni-Mh batteries have available ratings of up to 3000Mah, but they are much more sensitive and can be damaged if charged too fast. As a result, it is best to purchase a rechargeable battery that best suits your needs.

Final Thoughts For RC

Hopefully, you now understand better how RC gear items work and how important it is to have a smooth race. Ensure you get all the items above for your RC vehicle, as they will help your vehicle perform well during racing.

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