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7 Homemade Mexican Dessert Ideas For The Holidays

Holidays are a season of love and gift-giving. Families and friends gather to celebrate.7 Homemade Mexican Dessert Some institutions honor the importance of these events, so they let their employees off from work during these occasions. Holidays are an exemptional time to pause after days, weeks, and months of hard work to rest.

Countries have their holidays and ways to celebrate them. However, what makes them similar is how they give importance to food. Mexicans, of course, may strongly share this idea.7 Homemade Mexican Dessert 

Mexicans have a rich culture that you may notice in their cuisine. If you have a Mexican quest or is looking for the best dessert ideas, you may want to take a look at these tasty options:

  • Arroz Con Leche

What is arroz con leche? It’s the Mexican version of rice pudding. Arroz con Leche means ‘rice with milk.’ A rice pudding is a dish made of rice mixed with milk and other ingredients. This food is often taken as an appetizer and a savory meal.

However, this can serve as a dessert too. Arroz con Leche is soft and has a delightful appearance. It’s also tasty that may be loved by children and adults alike.

It’s one of the most popular and traditional desserts for Mexicans. Some people believe Arroz con Leche is beneficial. There are claims that this dish can heal the soul’s wounds and lighten the mood.

  • Sopaipilla

If you want a Mexican dessert that may serve as finger food, you may want to consider having Sopaipilla at your dining table. Sopaipilla is derived from the German word, ‘suppa,’ which means ‘bread soaked in liquid.’ 

These are deep-fried pieces of bread that may be adorable, especially for kids. You may want to cook them with some shade of creativity by making them into different shapes like stars, hearts, or triangles. Don’t forget the dip! A dulce de leche or sweetened caramelized milk can make it more flavorful.

  • Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is a sweet dessert layered with three kinds of milk. Usually evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. It can be naturally attractive for its appearance, but you may want to consider adding some designs to its plate-like putting some dots or lines to make it appear more appealing.

Mexican Dessert Ideas

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you want a Mexican dessert that you may drink, take a look at Mexican hot chocolate. It can be not that sweet compared to others, but it’s still flavorful. It’s made of unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate. 

To make it extra-special, you may want to consider adding some cream over the top of it, or maybe some chocolate sticks will do the trick.

  • Fried But Not Fried Ice Cream

Coat your guest with awe as you bring to the table this excellent dish. This dessert is an ice cream coated with fried cinnamons. How it exists and is prepared can already be impressive to many. Let yourself and your loved ones experience a crunchy, then melting pleasure for every bite!

  • Paletas

Paletas stands for ‘ice lolly.’ It’s like your ice cream drumstick that you may buy. However, unlike other ice cream brands, this dessert is way healthier. Yes, this dessert may be sweet too, but its ingredients are naturally made and don’t have to include artificial ingredients that may cause harm to human health. You may want to try out the strawberry and honey flavor. Lick the summer heat away with relative ease with the freezing flavors of paletas.

  • Leche Flan

Leche Flan means ‘Flat cake made in milk.’ This popular dessert is sweet and satisfying. Slice this adorable cake with ease as you cater the oozing caramel over its top. It is usually served with an oval or circular shape. To make it way different, consider adding toppings aside from caramel. Some popular ideas are strawberries and grapes.

Conclusion By Holidays

Just like other countries, Mexicans indeed also have a rich culture. We may see how they keep it with food. They have a variety of cuisine that is delightful and is worth giving a try. Let holiday seasons pave the way for us to pause and give ourselves a rest while enjoying the best food before the wildest of our imagination. Always remember that eating food is best when shared. Spend your holidays with your family, friends, and even colleagues. Explore new food and enjoy its delight for these lovely seasons!

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