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7 high paying jobs that could be yours with a master’s in finance

Finance is currently considered one of the most popular postgraduate business degree choices among international candidates that comes along with a plethora of opportunities.7 high paying jobs that could be yours with a master’s 

If you are looking to add a postgraduate degree to your resume, then applying for an MSc finance online course from London can be a great way to kick start your career and make a mark on the international business platform.

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Read on to find out about the top employment options that you can consider with a master’s degree in finance under the belt.

  • Management consultant

These professionals are primarily recruited to improve business performance, maximise growth and create value to help business organisations solve problems, by identifying solutions for business troubles.

This is an unpredictable and exciting career where you will get to meet people from diverse cultures and also get to cherish an extremely rewarding career with a good remuneration and job satisfaction.

  • Stockbroker

Also referred to as stock traders, these experts are equipped to work in high pressure and fast-paced work environment and are best suited to finance graduates with dynamic and bold personalities.

To become a trader you must be efficient at handling financial instruments and prepare for starting a self-discipline and individualistic career path, with a good grounding in the international markets and tricks to buy and sell stocks on behalf of a firm.

  • Accountant

Besides generating profit and loss statements in-house, and supplying key information for annual accounting reports, this job profile will require you to participate in associated financial tasks including chartered accounting, tax advising and forensic accounting.

You are required to assist companies by solving financial business issues such as analysing profit and loss, detecting fraud and handling taxation by conveying complex financial information using effective communication skills.

  • Chief financial officer

Also addressed as a financial manager, choosing this profession after graduating with a finance degree will allow you to find employment in both the private and public sectors, where you will be responsible for supporting and guiding clients and colleagues by providing strategic financial analysis.

  • Actuary

As an actuary, you are expected to utilise statistical financial theorists to assess the possible financial costs and the likelihood of a particular business event from occurring.

You can find employment within pension and insurance companies, where you will need to come up with creative ways to overcome unforeseen challenges.

  • External auditor

This job profile deals with the examination of a company’s financial records and statements, which calls for experts who can provide investors, regulators and senior management recommendations for brand improvement.

  • Financial analysts

The position of a financial analyst is typically available within corporations, non-profit organisations and government entities that must determine investment opportunities and stay aware of current market trends.

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This article was written by Deblina Dam.

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