Wednesday, September 22, 2021

7 Fundamental Design Principles For Custom Window Decals

Window decals are an affordable means of successful local advertising campaigns for businesses today. These decals are decorative, and they are able to attract many potential customers if designed properly. In order to get the best window decals for your business, you should pay attention to their design. There are some basic principles to remember, and they have been listed below-

Basic principles for the design of decals for windows 

When you are designing a custom window decal for your business, keep in mind the following design principles- 

  1. Alignment – the elements in the window decal need to be in alignment.  This does not mean you have to keep everything on a grid, but you should keep the fundamental pieces in mind, like the text lines that should have the same width from the edge and line up with one another. 
  2. Hierarchy – Pay attention to the features you consider to be the most important first. Hierarchy matters. You should offset the text you want to highlight in bigger fonts or place them higher on the decal. Follow the same rule with the secondary information as well. 
  3. Contrast – You should never ignore the significance of contrast when designing window decals. Use it smartly, especially when you want to emphasize specific areas. 
  4. Repetition – Repetition is not needed when working with a single-window decal; however, you should consider its value there if you are working with other advertising signs or a theme. If you need to repeat the design, always consider using your company’s signature fonts and colors to reinforce your marketing efforts. 
  5. Proximity – Consider the closeness of your decal elements. Check them to see if they are cluttered or do they attract the audience from afar?  Make sure the image you use is opened up correctly. If you are using clusters of information, you can team them up with elements like font or color for grouping the same objects on the decal. 
  6. Balance – There is a lot of confusion around balance. It does not always been symmetry. It can denote symmetry; however, asymmetric designs can be balanced in additional ways like using contrast to balance out the negative space or image. 
  7. Negative space – the negative space must be used wisely in the design of the window decal. Never underestimate its value. It does play a vital role in highlighting the areas that need to be focused on to attract your customer’s attention with success. 

When it comes to the colors you choose for the window decal, you should always keep the mood in mind. Use vibrant and bright colors or the ones that your company has to reach out to the targeted audience with success. 

Choose professional companies experienced in creating custom window decals for your business. They have the expertise and latest printing equipment to create top-quality products for marketing the products and services of your business. Check reviews and customer reviews online before you contact them for your specific advertising campaigns. 

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