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7 Best Brands for Skateboards You Must Know

New enthusiasts or someone just looking for the best skateboard brands, this guide will inform you about the best skateboard brand for all skaters.7 Best Brands for Skateboards You Must Know

The seven brands mentioned in this article have developed a loyal following and worldwide fame, and for a reason, their huge line of decks suits every style and innovation, artwork,7 Best Brands for Skateboards You Must Know and favorable prices throughout the years.

Moreover, unlike most skateboard brands, you can get these skateboards anywhere. Furthermore, you can also skate shop online, given their huge reputation,7 Best Brands for Skateboards You Must Know and customer reviews will help you find everything about the decks without having to try them. 

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  • Santa Cruz

Founded in 1973 by northern California surfers — Rich Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, Santa Cruz is a peculiar name in the skateboard and bicycle realm. Santa Cruz has a huge line of skateboards — longboard, cruiser, mini cruisers, carve, double kick skateboards. Moreover, regardless of the one you pick, the skateboards will blow your mind with the design, speed, handling, and maneuverability. However, the most special thing about the Santa Cruz decks is the artwork. You can also get a custom skateboard by contacting the company.

Santa Cruz’s fame doesn’t end with typical customers. Many professionals have represented the skateboard brand.

  • Almost

Founded by the skateboarding legends — Rod Mullen and Daewoo Song — in 1973, Almost is a part of Dwindle Distribution Group. Yes, the very same group represents some of the big names in the skateboarding industry like Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, and Andalé.

And while one might argue that almost is famous because of its founder Rod Mullen, the build quality of Almost is unlike any other. So much so that even professionals use and promote them. And this is the sole reason that people do not mind spending twice as much money on Almost skateboards as typical skateboards. Mind you! Even though it is expensive, it lasts longer, as it offers high-quality products with different shape features. Not to mention, the humorous artwork is another reason to purchase the Almost decks.

Additionally, parents looking for skateboards for their children will appreciate the representation of Marvel, DC, and Hanna Barbera on the Almost decks.

Another best thing about Almost is it offers a 15 to 90 days guarantee on every product. 

  • Powell Peralta

Founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978, Powell Peralta is known for its lightweight flight decks. You will find decks to suit any style, and supreme build quality ensures that these flight decks will last longer than any other in the industry. The build-quality quality is so good that you can jump in the center with both legs and not break it, regardless of the one you pick from the brand.

Be that as it may, Powell Peralta decks are criticized for losing the graphics very soon. But who cares? So, as long as you are in the market for a good build, premium flight deck — it is worth spending your money on Power Peralta skates. Especially if you are not someone who can afford to spend every ten days on a new deck, it is better to choose Powell Peralta.

  • Zero

Founded by Jamie Thomas in 1996, Zero is appreciated for its uniqueness around the world. Every Zero deck is made using multi-layered laminates, ensuring that the decks will last long. Needless to say, the artwork on the Zero skates is pretty sleek. Moreover, the brand is well-known for hiring the best skateboarding artists from around the world and coming up with unique, likable, and worth-appreciating artwork.

And for this reason, the skateboarders do not just purchase the Zero decks for riding but also keep them as a trophy. The company is also famous for its limited-edition decks that usually get sold within minutes. Another great thing about Zero skates is they have a huge following. You can easily find Reddit and Quora communities with enthusiasts from around the world that love Zero. Moreover, unlike most skateboard brands, Zero’s website is one of the top examples of how an eCommerce website should look — it is extremely simple to use, the page loads faster, plus its quick shipping is unmatched.

  • Element

Founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, Element has continued to maintain its reputation throughout the years by bringing new styles and improving its products year on year. 

Element is the perfect brand to go with if you are looking for value for money, given their premium build-quality and unique artwork is like no other skateboard brand in the market. Its fan following is one of the many reasons to choose Element skateboards.

  • Toy Machine

Started by Ed Templeton in 1993, Toy Machine riders include some of the best skateboard professionals like Charlie Coatney, Templeton, and Ethan Fowler. The unique artwork makes it a viable option for parents looking for skateboards for their children. 

  • Girl

Founded in 1993, Girl is one of the most reputable skateboarding companies worldwide. And no, the company does not produce skates for girls; in fact, it is equally respected among both genders.


As mentioned, regardless of your style and preferences in artwork, all these brands have a huge line of decks. More than anything, all these skateboard brands are known for their premium-grade professional skateboards that last longer than a typical skateboard. Not to mention, all these brands take safety seriously, something those individual creators do not account for while promoting their skateboards.

So, if you are in the market for some professional-grade skates — these brands are the perfect go-to option for you. Even parents looking for a skate for their children will find suitable skateboards. Yes, you might have to pay a little more, but do not forget that they are world-famous for a reason, i.e., premium build quality. The price that you pay for them will compensate as the decks will last longer and do not easily break. Additionally, you do not have to tour the market to get a deck from these brands. You can easily shop them online and read customer reviews to find out whether the individual board is perfect or not.

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