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6 ways to style your home like a Parisian

If you have been to Paris then you probably have felt it too: the elegant yet impeccable lifestyle of Parisians evokes memories of the Victorian era while eliciting feelings of futuristic life. It is one of those feelings that linger with an individual for a long time, the kind you wish never ends. There is no better place to experience this memorable experience than in a Parisian home.6 ways to style your home like a Parisian

Parisian furnished homes & apartments embody simple yet elegant designs that feel effortless and yet carefully thought through. It is a classic depiction of mastery in blending old, timeless pieces with modern,6 ways to style your home like a Parisian futuristic pieces casually and elegantly. 

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The good thing is that you can have the Paris experience miles away from Paris. Here are 6 ways you can style your home like a Parisian.

Mix Old and New By Parisian

A common feature of a classic Parisian home is the blend of old and new items, particularly the furniture and decor. The Parisian interior achieves its uniqueness by borrowing from wide and diverse sources. Most homes within Paris don a blend of old inherited furniture, flea market antiques and contemporary pieces.

However, simply filling your space with a mix of items from different eras is not enough to transform your home into a Parisian beauty. Achieving uniformity is important. One of the simplest ways of going about it is selecting items with a similar color tone.

Highlight Architectural Details For Parisian

Paris is home to some of the most intricate architectural designs found anywhere on this planet. From Louvre to Menilmotant, you will find homes outfitted with simple yet riveting designs.

While your space may lack the intricate door frame moldings or ceiling decoration synonymous with Victorian-era French buildings, you can still achieve this look by making subtle adjustments to your house. And no, you don’t need to break the bank to achieve this look.

Installing wainscoting in your corridor, or going for a rustic look by having herringbone bricks line your kitchen floor might be all it takes.

Add a Touch of Glamour

The French are known for their taste in exquisite and finer things in life. For a complete Parisian-style home, your house needs a touch of glamour. For example, a larger-than-life rustic antique mirror drawing attention from the rest of the house will instantly change the look of your home.

Of course adding with home decors signs from Uniquely Coastal is also a great idea to make your house looking more lively and beautiful. With sign decors there are a lot of motivational and inspirational quotes that you can choose from. Indeed this is helpful especially if you are struggling with something in life. If you will read the signs decor in your house surely you will feel motivated to keep going in life and be positive. Indeed, sign decor is worth investing for!

Embrace Aging

Parisian interior design may be a bit odd and interesting. At first, it will leave you baffled as to why an old wooden box rests at the foot of a sparkling futuristic bed. Then, with time, your eyes will begin to appreciate how the aged furniture and décor cleverly complement each other. It is the magic of Parisian interior design. Wooden gifts like wooden tableware are attractive and widely used in kitchen interior design.

Aged items seem to have a story to tell, and that is where the intrigues lie. An old chipped, wooden picture frame will attract unusual stares and elicit silent murmurs. Your home will feel more like a house in Gare Du Nord with an old longcase clock as its centerpiece.

Keep it Minimal and Personal

A striking feature of a Parisian-style interior design is its minimalistic feel. When decorating, Parisians prefer to keep things simple but elegant. That huge centerpiece mirror will stand out better if the house has more visible spaces.

While arranging your furniture and decorations, strive for a personal feel. Your home should reflect your personal taste and not an exhibition house’s style.

Go for decorations that have sentimental value and not just mere objects that blend. It’s the imperfection in Parisian homes that make them stand out.

Go for Subdued Colors

The simplicity in Parisian homes does not just end with decorations and furniture but also extends to the walls. A common feature of Parisian homes is spotless white walls.

While your choice is not limited to the color white, sticking to muted colors, such as sage green or dusty rose, will transform your space into a classic Parisian home.

To liven up things a bit, subtly use contrasting colors such as black on wall skirting and lighting fixtures.

Style Your Home The Parisian Way

Transforming your home into a Parisian beauty demands a clever mix of personal taste with common Parisian-style interior styling. Old furniture and decorations play an important role in achieving a Parisian-style finish. While choosing your grand centerpiece or adding glamour to your space, keep in mind that less is more.

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