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6 Steps To Boost The Sales Of Your Jewelry And Fashion Accessories Store

Businesses that sell jewelry and other fashion accessories are ideal for the most creative people, connected with art, design and fashion. It is a market segment that has not stopped growing in recent years,6 Steps To Boost The Sales either thanks to large companies or the activity of independent entrepreneurs and designers.

It is also true that it is a saturated market, in which to stand out from the competition requires a clear differential value,6 Steps To Boost The Sales a strong connection between the brand and its audience, and constant renewal of product lines in jewelry advertising.

The good news is that the tastes of fashion and trend consumers are changing all the time,6 Steps To Boost The Sales so there are always new opportunities to take advantage of our talent, creativity and dedication. In addition, technology has made it easier not only to communicate with those audiences, but also to distribute and deliver products.

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So if you sell necklaces, rings, earrings and other fashion accessories, and you are suffering from stagnant sales or advancing competition, don’t miss this article. Here we will share 6 key steps so that you start a new stage in the business and income is no longer a problem.

1. Improve your inventory management

Unlike jewelry stores – which use precious metals and stones, and sell more valuable and classic pieces (such as a graduation bracelet or engagement ring) – costume jewelry follows current trends.

This means that the products have a high turnover, and that you have to be very careful not to be left with an excess of stock from past seasons.

2. Work on your brand identity

It does not matter if you work with expensive or recycled materials, or if you sell in a department store or a design bazaar: your customers must always be sure that your pieces are unique and that they will add something not only to their wardrobe, but also to your mood or special moments. Identify the most important values ​​of your brand, who and how your target audience is, and define a communication strategy that clearly differentiates you from the competition. At this point, social media (mainly Instagram) and influencer marketing strategies could be of great use to you.

3. Effective ideas for an online jewelry marketing strategy

Marketing in the jewelry sector faces unique challenges, as consumers view jewelry as high-value items and as investments for the future. This is why the sale of a jewel requires more effort than in other sectors. So, we are going to examine 3 solutions that will help us capture new leads, gain brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Marketing for jewelry is changing very fast, and we must consider these two trends:

  • Hard sell techniques no longer work. Modern consumers, especially Millennials, no longer respond to pushy sales techniques.
  • Confidence is everything. More than 60% of consumers base their purchases on beliefs and values. If you want to be a “friendly brand” for your customers, you have to show that your brand is trustworthy.
  • These ideas have a huge impact on jewelry marketing, as does the emerging new trend of Millennials and their interest in jewelry and diamonds (and the luxury industry in general).

Thus, in this article we will focus on the use of marketing for jewelry stores and online promotions to enhance relationships between brand and community:

4. Capture new leads interested in jewelry

As we have mentioned, in the jewelry sector we must build a relationship of trust with future clients. We will do this first step by capturing the user’s lead through a sweepstakes with registration. Raffle one of your star products to attract the attention of users, who will leave their data enchanted to be eligible for the prize. This first contact will allow you to start the relationship with the user in a favorable way.

5. Gain brand awareness on social media

There are many ways to get brand awareness on social media, and one of them is to build a good reputation online. And how can we get it? Well, by conducting giveaways on the brand’s social networks. In jewelry marketing it is very important to show the product news, as well as, being a product of thoughtful purchase, to impact the user so that they keep us in mind when they decide to buy. That is why raffles and contests are the best option, to remind the user that our brand is at their disposal.

Another very interesting way to get more brand awareness is to reward the participant and her / his best friend. Apart from the comment to participate, a very common practice is to ask for the mention of one or more friends, and rewarding this action can turn a raffle into a success. In this way, the virilization of the action is also guaranteed.

6. Build customer loyalty with very special rewards

Another idea that every marketing action for jewelers must have is a loyalty plan. Many companies work with a points system, or distribute promotional codes that can be exchanged for discounts or rewards.

In this case, we show you an example of Diamond Jewelry. They have created a club where, among all the members, different articles and experiences are raffled. To attract new club members, they have created an original promotion where the origin of the brand is explained and a related super prize is raffled off: a safari through Kenya.

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