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6 Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Grow Your Online Business

It is estimated that Google tweaks its search algorithm as many as 600 times per year. That means 600 minor adjustments that might cause your website to climb up or fall down the results page rankings.

We all know that rankings mean visibility, which means web traffic, and thus sales. So how can you utilize search engine optimization strategies to stay ahead of the competition?

Keep reading as we review the key SEO techniques to master to give your online business the best chance at success.

1. Keyword Research

One of the most important SEO strategies relates to keywords. Keywords have been deemed one of the biggest influencers on search engine ranking positions.

Make sure that your website contains a wide range of words that are semantically related to your product or service. The golden rule for keywords is quality over quantity.

2. Mobile Browsing

A factor that has become increasingly significant for Google search results is mobile performance. When it comes to SEO techniques, your business should prioritize mobile optimization as this has now taken over from desktop usage.

Pay particular attention to mobile page loading speeds, site design, image optimization, and avoid pop-ups and overlays where possible.

3. Local SEO

If you’re an online business that also has a brick-and-mortar store, your location will be a huge factor for who comes across your business online. Every time someone searches for a business like yours, adding “near me” or “open now”, you want to be in the mix.

This Atlanta SEO company has developed some interesting techniques for helping businesses succeed with their local SEO strategies.

4. On-Page SEO

What marketers term “on-page SEO” is another significant strategy when examining SEO for online stores. This refers to a range of components:

  • Keyword placement in headers, titles, file names, meta descriptions, and more
  • Internal links
  • Site architecture

You want to make it as easy as possible for Google’s crawlers to find and analyze your site’s content.

5. Build Backlinks

The next of our SEO tips is to work on your link-building strategy. Google considers sites that are referenced on many other websites (especially authoritative sites) as worthier of a higher ranking.

Try submitting articles that include a link to your site to well-regarded websites, and ask influencers to include reviews of your products on their website.

6. Content Marketing

Our final piece of SEO advice is to invest in content marketing. This is a great way of building brand consideration, in addition to increasing visibility in search results.

When developing SEO for online businesses, including a blog section on your website is an absolute must.

Those Are the Most Important Search Engine Optimization Strategies

While a website’s ranking position is determined by hundreds, if not thousands, of different factors, thanks to these strategies it’s possible to make tangible changes to your performance. Don’t forget that SEO is a long-term strategy, and even the most skilled marketing specialists can’t get results overnight.

If you found this post about search engine optimization strategies helpful, take a look at our other business-related articles!

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