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6 Pro Tips For First-Time Boaters

Whether you’re a pro swimmer or not, the idea of owning or renting a boat will surely excite you as it’s not something that many people get to do.6 Pro Tips For First-Time Sailing on a boat is a unique way of interacting with the ocean while traveling in style. You get to dock on different harbors and visit other islands. You also get to sleep or wake up with the ocean as your window view. What’s more, you can also do this activity with your family and friends,6 Pro Tips For First-Time making the experience more fun.

The thing is, however, boating isn’t as easy as it sounds. Regardless of what type of boat you’re trying to navigate,6 Pro Tips For First-Time you’ll need to undergo proper training and gain the right skills and knowledge to make your boating experience pleasurable and more worthwhile. Hiring a professional boater to navigate the boat may be an option, but expect that it will cost more than if you try to drive the boat yourself.

So, if you’re thinking of buying your very first boat or renting one to start an adventure, here are six pro tips for first-time boaters to help you on your journey:

  • Undergo Proper Boating Training

The best way to start your first-time boating experience is to undergo proper training. It’s almost impossible to enjoy your boating experience if you’re utterly clueless about what you’re about to do unless you’re boating with a professional boat guide or instructor. Thus, before you jump into your new boat, it may be best if you first take up an FL boating safety course, know the boating basics, and be familiar with boating terminologies. Once you’ve completed the proper training, you can retrieve your boating license and operate a boat on your own.

  • Get Your Boat Registration

Like car ownership, you also need to obtain a proper registration for your boat. However, the type of registration you’ll need and its corresponding cost will depend on how you’re going to use your boat, where you will operate it, and the duration of the license. Besides the sailing registration, you also need to prepare for any special licensing arrangements other inland waterways may require. To make it easier, you can do your research in advance before you go boating to save yourself from hassles and delays.

  • Familiarize Yourself With The Boat

When you buy a new mobile phone, you usually spend a day or two trying to figure out how to operate it and how it functions. The same goes with your boat. Before you go sailing, take your time to know your boat and every little detail and device it has. You need to be knowledgeable about the navigation tools, safety equipment (e.g., life jackets, fire extinguishers, flare guns), and fishing gadgets.

FL boating safety course
White sailing boat at open sea in sunshine

You also need to know where the boat’s first-aid kit is located, so you can quickly retrieve it in case of an emergency. Regardless of how you arrange your boat’s tools and devices, make sure you’re familiar with all of them.

  • Do A Weather Check

Suppose you already have your license, registration, and other necessary boating paperwork in hand. Perhaps you’ve also checked your navigation tools and other boating gadgets inside the boat. The next thing you shouldn’t miss doing before sailing is doing a weather check. Don’t rely on how clear the skies are or what the weather news said two days ago.

The weather and the ocean’s state can change quickly and unexpectedly. The last thing you’d want as a first-time boater is to get caught in the middle of a storm clueless and unprepared. So, always check the weather a few minutes before sailing off.

  • Dress Appropriately

While you’re free to wear anything when sailing, you need to remember that boating is also a form of exercise. You’ll need to use your strength and balance while navigating the boat. You also need to protect your body from the weather. Thus, when going boating, it’s recommended that you dress appropriately and wear enough layers of clothing. If the temperature gets colder, you can add more layers or take off some if the season gets hotter.

Most importantly, never forget to wear your life jacket over your clothes. Some of you may think that life jackets are only for non-swimmers or that wearing one will make you look less stylish. However, remember that your life is more important than anything. Leaving your life jacket off may be fine if you’re sailing on a quiet lake, but if you’re planning to navigate through oceans or fast-moving rivers, then it is highly necessary.

  • Prepare A Pre- And Post-Departure Checklist 

Planning and coming up with a checklist is always a great idea, especially for first-timers. No one wants to feel anxious, rushed, or pressured during his first sailing trip. Take some time to prepare a pre- and post-departure checklist and make sure to check every item off the list before you start sailing.  

Remember To Have Fun By Boat

Now that you have these pro tips in mind, it’s time to choose the type of boat to buy so you can start sailing. If you plan on buying a yacht, we highly recommend that you check out these different types of sunseeker yachts. Don’t pressure yourself to sail on long-distance islands or harbors during your first trip. After all, the essence of this boating experience is to explore, travel, relax, and have fun. Most importantly, remember to wave hello to the other boaters every time you see another boat on the ocean.

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